Ronald is Primed and Loving It – His Family Too

Ronald rocks. He is a great family man with a big heart. I am so proud that the Primed Lifestyle is helping make this top man’s heart stronger. Oh, his brain too. Doubly proud that because of Ronald’s great decision his family is also getting healthier too.

I had a great lunch at The Wholesome Table with Trimac teammates Ron, Chloe and Emerson

Ronald Primed Ronald teammates

We ate no bread but kept the butter to add into our food. Of course we had real food and not fake food like bread, pasta, noodles and other sugar cheap carbs.

Ronald Primed 5

Here is a 12 Point Summary of What Ron Said

1. Ron researched Primed LCHF after sustaining an injury training for triathlons because he wanted to ensure he would not gain excess weight. Ron had previously mistakenly believed that he had to exercise a lot to maintain a healthy weight but was soon to learn differently.

Ron running

Here is some of the delicious real food Ron ate to lose weight and regain health.

2. Ron found his food to be very filling and satisfying. Hence, he was not hungry at all and ate less.

3. Ron’s Acid Reflux disappeared. Cool.

4. Ron lost weight despite not exercising at all.

5. Ron’s inspiration was his beautiful family. He is pictured here with his beautiful wife Romina. Ron started his Primed/LCHF journey in March 2015.

Ronald and Romina

6. Ron’s son Ralf lost 20 pounds. He went from 175 to 155 pounds. The weight loss is but a side benefit to the increased energy and mental clarity enjoyed. He feels better and has increased confidence.

7. Ron simply ditched rice, juice and bread. Also other blood sugar spiking carbs like white potatoes, pasta, noodles, crackers and sports drinks.

Ron loves eggs, seafood and vegetables. He loves real food with real flavors.

Ronald Primed food2

8. Ron’s Visceral Fat went from 11% to 4%.

9. Colleagues also enjoyed positive health outcomes by watching and learning from Ron.

10. Ron is more productive at work and gets a lot more done during his day.

11. Ron has an improved mood. Without the sugar highs and lows associated with cheap carbos like bread, pasta, noodles, breakfast cereals etc. your mood tends to have less highs and lows and be more stable.

12. Ron has the secret to being healthier without having to train too much. Over-traing hurts not just you, but your family too.

Ron has peace-of-mind from this knowledge. He does not think of food as much any more and is very happy with his Primed Lifestyle.

Ronald Primed

With Edilberto Jr Delacruz, Aldrin Van Sta Maria,Emerson Lee, Donna Fuentes, Romina Yao, Wenna Tolentino Lindayag, Rayzon Galdonez and Ronald Yao. Ronald is part of the successful tri team Trimac.

Ronald Primed 1

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