Chad’s Sick then Fat Food and Exercise in 2013 compared with Healthy and Fit 2015

I was once a sick, then fat, athlete. I was training too much (up to 25 hours per week) with a misguided formula to be fit and healthy.

I was eating the Standard Australian Diet (SAD) with lots of “healthy whole grains” (there is no such thing) and fueling my exercise with the sugarades, sugar gels and the carbo loading (sugar bread, pasta and noodles) that my fellow athletes were also doing (not the smarter ones though like Jenson Button).

Below is how I looked like with all my excessive cardio (cost of time, money, mental energy, sleep, recovery etc.). I have also included what were then my favorite food.

I was not healthy, vital or as happy as I should have been. I suffered from brain fog, lack of energy and sometimes bad skin.

#Chad sick then fat

Now I train a maximum of 6 hours per week on average, eat according to the Primed Lifestyle and have more energy and mental clarity than I ever imagined.

#Chad healthy

My medical results indicate that my risk of cardiovascular disease such as heart attack and stroke are reduced a lot. For a no obligation assessment of your Cholesterol Panel results feel free to email me at my email address provided below.

My blood sugars are way down and stable (my moods too).


So, if you have a similar story to me, it might be time to shake things up a little.


You might like to buck the conventional “wisdom” of the food pyramid that has seen so many so sick and obese.

Dr. Ted Naiman - Eat Fat not sugar1

So, why not try the Primed Lifestyle and turn the misguided conventional advice upside down?


Good luck. If you need assistance then feel free to contact me at or 0929-421-2148. It is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of intelligence to help make the rest of your life the best of your life. A lot of people worldwide are experiencing the benefits of a Primed Lifestyle.

What The Primed Lifestyle Does:

The Primed Lifestyle allows you, your loved ones, and your pets as well, to do the following:

– Maintain constant blood sugar (and insulin) levels at an optimal range, as well as a consistently good mood.
– Decrease your inflammation, aches and pains, illnesses, potential for disease, stress levels and health issues.
– Increase your metabolism, digestive health, confidence, energy, mental clarity, brain power, skin and teeth quality, immune system, sleep quality and happiness.

Oh, you also get to eat real food with real flavors and get unreal health results.


With thanks to the excellent movie called Carb Loaded for the wonderful featured image.

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