Santi’s Delicious Primed Selections

We have been buying excellent produce from Santi’s Deli for almost the entire 15 years we have been in the Philippines. We also dine there quite often and now it is a favorite place for me to meet my new Primed clients. The service is always friendly, the prices fair and reasonable with a lot of variety of products to suit a wide audience.

Santi's lunch3

Lauren and Christian love the Santi’s sausages and Natasha and I love their Lamb.

Santi's lunch

Besides ordering from their menu you can also order any item from the Deli to have prepared by the chefs for you. Freshness is guaranteed.

Santi's lunch1

We love creating our own Primed Anti Pasto Platter from their wide variety of goodies. Semi-dried tomatoes, olives and cheese are in abundance to choose from.

Santi's lunch2

Mike Yau became a Primed convert at Santi’s over lunch with Reujen and I. He and Pauline are still doing great.

Santis Deli1

We ate a lot and loved it all.

Santis Deli2

Mike Yau.

Santis Deli3

The staff are always cool with April a personal favorite with her confident smile and charming personality.

Santis Deli4

Santi’s is also a great place to catch up with friends over coffee.

Santis coffee

There is surely a Santi’s Deli near you. You cannot go wrong when grocery shopping for specialty items, having lunch or dinner or even just a coffee.

What is your favorite item to buy from Santi’s?

We are so happy that we still have a Santi’s Deli near us at Capitol Commons in Pasig.image

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