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Way to Go Primed Anna

Dear Anna, Thank you for sharing your story below. So far the Primed Lifestyle has helped to eliminate back pain, cure PCOS, cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lessened period pain and fixed a lot of stomach and bowel issues in people among other benefits.

Primed for your Life is committed helping people to become healthier by eating more nutritious, less inflammatory food. Keep up the great effort Anna as you are beautiful and your future will be wonderful. Cheers, Chad.

Anna R in Europe

Dear Chad,

I have been living with Endometriosis pain for many years now. It is a chronic inflammatory auto-immune disease, the causes of which are still unclear to modern medicine. The theory is that every month the endometrial cells deposit in the reproductive organs instead of totally shedding through menstruation as is the way with normal cycles. This cause severe pain during my period and also during ovulation. Since it is a progressive disease, my pain has reached debilitating proportions and I have found myself contemplating surgery for a total hysterectomy. This is my next step since we have already exhausted all medical options.

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