“Carbohydrates Can Kill” Book Review by Jimmy Moore

I have a friend called Jimmy Moore. He has written the book review below on the book of Dr. Robert Su M.D. called Carbohydrates Can Kill. Jimmy Moore is a passionate LCHF proponent because he desperately wants people to live better and longer lives through eating real food. Jimmy Moore also wrote one of my favorite books called Keto Clarity (as well as another called Cholesterol Clarity).

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Carbohydrates Can Kill

Dr. Su Says Low-Carb Will Work For You, Too!

By Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Man/Jimmy Moore on May 1, 2009

Format: Paperback

From Jimmy: “One of the things that is most frustrating for people dealing with weight and health issues is that they don’t feel like their primary care physician truly understands their problem. If only doctors and other medical professionals could go through all the experiences of trying to lose weight, deal with declining health, and attempt to eat as healthy as they want us to, then maybe people would feel more confident and inspired to do those things for themselves. That’s exactly what Dr. Robert K. Su has done.

After years of toiling with high-carb, low-fat diets and struggling to figure out why his patients weren’t losing weight and getting healthier eating that way, Dr. Su went on his own personal low-carb journey that led him to shed the pounds, greatly improve his health, and have an epiphany about why so many of his patients had such a difficult time with these issues over the years.

His research showed him it was the carbohydrates they were eating that were quite literally KILLING them.

While most people erroneously think that your body somehow needs carbs to function, Dr. Su outlines brilliantly in his book that this is a bald face lie. The body actually needs fat and some protein, but there is absolutely no dietary requirement for the body to consume carbs. CARBOHYDRATES CAN KILL is an eye-opening book for anyone who is still caught up in decades-old thinking that fat is the enemy and carbs are your friend. Flip those two around and you’ll see what Dr. Su sees–low-carb will work for you, too!”

Be Somebody

The above quote is from Jimmy Moore and perfectly sums up why he is so popular and loved and respected by so many people all over the world. Jimmy Moore is somebody great.

249: Dr. Robert Su Boldly Claims That ‘Carbohydrates Can Kill’

Listen to the podcasts of Jimmy Moore called Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.

I love listening to my podcasts while I make food for my family and my favorites include Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show and Carbohydrates Can Kill by Dr. Robert Su.

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The Final Words

This post is in honor of Dr. Robert Su who passed away at the age of 71 on Saturday, December 21, 2013.

He was a passionate man who wanted to share his knowledge in order to help people all over the world regain their health by eating real food and avoiding cheap, processed carbohydrates because his extensive clinical and personal experience proved to him that Carbohydrates Can Kill.

Dr Robert Su MD

Dr. Su was particularly passionate about helping children get their best possible start in life and had many guests on his podcasts relating to pediatrics.

My favorite quote of his was: “So, the most effective measure we as parents have to improve our children’s health is to help them maintain a constant blood glucose level within a healthy range. This is done simply. By simply restricting refined carbs to our children.”

Rest in peace Dr. Robert Su. Rest assured you have others who agree with you and are as passionate as you were.

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