What have been your good deeds whilst running?

Ok, here is a slightly off-beat post on the benefits of running.

Yesterday I was having a nice chilly run in Geneve, Switzerland, when it started raining slightly. I love it when it rains as the run becomes more fun. However, the roads become wet and I noticed a motor cyclist fall off her bike on a slippery portion of the road whilst turning.

As soon as I saw her fall I sprung to action, helped her up, put her bike on its stand and got her a chair. I then helped calm her down and ensured she would be alright. Luckily she was ok with just dented pride and torn pants.


I am glad I am very observant whilst I run and got to help the fallen Swiss cyclist.

This got me thinking of the other times I have done good deeds whilst out running. I’ll share mine here in the hope you can also comment and share yours. After all, we runners are nice and caring people. Right?

Saving a 2 Year Old Filipina Girl:

One night when I was running home from work at Resorts World Manila along a dark Lawnton Avenue I noticed a little 2 year old Filipina girl only a foot away from the busy road. This little one was alone, crying and but a foot away from tragedy.

I am proud that I stopped and even though she could not understand English I found her home some 30 minutes later and 300 meters away in the labyrinth of the Army barracks.

Hence, running has additional benefits from the ones listed below. It allows you to help others in need and then gives you a sense of pride.


Helping a Disabled Lady in Melbourne:

In Australia, when I was running around St.Kilda before the Melbourne Ironman, I noticed a disabled lady pushing her buggy up the road all by herself as others shuffled busily by.

Of course, I stopped my run, asked her if I could help and then proceeded to push her buggy (it had a flat battery) up the long and steep hill. Her smile and gratitude were priceless to me.


The Moral of the Stories:

Running is a great activity for your body, brain, heart etc. However, it is even better when you really take in all around you, pay attention to all the beautiful things you see, and help others where you can.

There is no health benefit better for you than to see the smile on the face of the person you just helped. That is priceless.

Please share your story of who you helped whilst out running or walking. I’d love to hear it. Cheers.

2 thoughts on “What have been your good deeds whilst running?”

  1. A little old man’s car had broken down in the middle of a busy road and he was afraid to get out as, being in Italy, the cars and motorcycles were screaming past on either side honking their horns furiously. I got behind him and with him steering got the car to the side of the road so he could get out and calm down and we could call a mechanic. Poor guy.

    Another time (same piece of road strangely enough) someone’s dog had collapsed and they didn’t have a mobile with them so I called my vet and got him to come out to see to the dog.

    In my experience almost all runners are pretty well likely to help when they see someone in need – must be all the endorphins!!

    1. Dear LovefromItaly, Great stories. Thanks. I have pushed a few cars in my time whilst running too. I am careful,though as some people have been run over doing this good deed! We met the Italian PM whilst on a run in Roma last year. That was fun. Chao. Chad.

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