Primed Super Family – Etienne, Sarah and Liam La’Brooy

I have been friends with Etienne and Sarah for most of my 15 years in the Philippines. They are a wonderful family with their son Liam. Luckily I convinced them to adopt the Primed Lifestyle just a few short months ago. Please see their story in their own words below. We can all be healthier and happier.

Etienne and Sarah6

See comments from Etienne and Sarah La’Brooy after 3 months following the Primed for your Life Lifestyle:

From Etienne:

“Sarah and I are powering along with a Primed lifestyle. I am down to 86kgs, so a 9 kilo (20 pound) drop in 3 months!

I feel healthier, sleep better and feel my moods are much better. Sarah is pretty much the same being under 50kg for the first time in many years.

Liam is also MUCH easier to talk to nowadays which we feel is attributable to his Primed Lifestyle (although as a kid he cheats every now and again).”

Etienne had debilitating gout in his foot which was painful and even interrupted his golf game sometimes. Within weeks of going Primed the gout went away and has no ever returned.

Sarah and Liam

From Sarah:

“Hi Chad, Very helpful article on ‘Easy Ways To Assemble Primed Meals’. Thanks.

What I really want to thank you for is opening my eyes to this whole way of eating and of being.

I really really love it. It makes me feel terrific physically, mentally and emotionally.

I will always eat like this, though I cheat sometimes (in restaurants, never at home), it is the core of how I eat and live.

My fitness is at an all-time high and my stress levels have NEVER been more manageable, my sleep has never been sounder.

I’m even converting my mom and she follows you on facebook.

I feel like I have the magic little secret of good health and weight control and never have to think about a calorie again. Sweet!

So thank you Chad, keep up the good work of saving the world.

Cheers, Sarah”

Sarah running

The La’Brooy Story

Etienne and Sarah were following the SAD way of eating. SAD is an acronym for Standard Australian Diet which we were all taught and told would make us healthy (the Dietitians Association still have their heads in the sand and promote these miss-truths). Sadly, I also used to eat this way and was sick then fat despite lots of exercise.

I do not think their advise is working because Australians as a general population have never been fatter or more diseased. Please be aware that we are sick first, then fat.

Diabetic Australians

Maybe the Dietitians Association should read this quote from Leo Tolstoy: “The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him.”

Luckily, every day more and more people are going Primed. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Big food and big pharma generally have no regard for our health and actually prosper on our ill health.

It’s time to fight back. Fight disease and reclaim our health. The La’Brooy family has and you can too. It is never too late to properly nourish your body and mind.


Lets not be fooled any more.

Out with the old and in with the new

We had fun getting rid of the fake foods.

The family greatly enjoyed the Primed dishes we prepared together: “We have really liked everything and are so enjoying all of our food. I’m not having any of the usual tummy complaints I usually have to deal with every day of my life!”

The Primed Vegetable Sheets Lasagne and Primed Kinilaw were also well received.

Aussie Get Together:

We even had a really nice dinner at our place. Also a fun Eccentric Gym workout too.

Etienne and Sarah5

Even after less than 10 days Primed you could see the improvement in their faces and they were feeling good.

Sharing the Love

Because Etienne, Sarah and Liam embraced the Primed Lifestyle so quickly, wholeheartedly and easily I was able to help train some executives from The Tower Club and their management company called Aura. A lot of positive steps towards healthier living are being made by their staff. Very cool.

Etienne and Sarah staff

The Final Word:

Soy Sucks

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