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Primed Super Family – Etienne, Sarah and Liam La’Brooy

I have been friends with Etienne and Sarah for most of my 15 years in the Philippines. They are a wonderful family with their son Liam. Luckily I convinced them to adopt the Primed Lifestyle just a few short months ago. Please see their story in their own words below. We can all be healthier and happier.

Etienne and Sarah6

See comments from Etienne and Sarah La’Brooy after 3 months following the Primed for your Life Lifestyle:

From Etienne:

“Sarah and I are powering along with a Primed lifestyle. I am down to 86kgs, so a 9 kilo (20 pound) drop in 3 months!

I feel healthier, sleep better and feel my moods are much better. Sarah is pretty much the same being under 50kg for the first time in many years.

Liam is also MUCH easier to talk to nowadays which we feel is attributable to his Primed Lifestyle (although as a kid he cheats every now and again).”

Etienne had debilitating gout in his foot which was painful and even interrupted his golf game sometimes. Within weeks of going Primed the gout went away and has no ever returned.

Sarah and Liam
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