Easy to Assemble Primed Dishes

The Primed Lifestyle does not have to be expensive or difficult. Whether you are single, constantly travelling, working so hard, are very busy etc. you can maintain this healthier lifestyle. It is a simple matter of always having good food in your fridge and pantry and none of the harmful stuff that makes people sick then fat.

Primed Pantry & Fridge Items Every Day

The Primed Lifestyle allows you, your loved ones, and your pets as well, to do the following:
– Maintain constant blood sugar (and insulin) levels at an optimal range, as well as a consistently good mood.
– Decrease your inflammation, aches and pains, illnesses, potential for disease, stress levels and health issues.
– Increase your metabolism, digestive health, confidence, energy, mental clarity, brain power, skin quality, immune system, sleep quality and happiness.

Oh, you also get to eat real food with real flavors and get unreal health results.

Here are some ideas to help you transition to help make the rest of your life the best of your life.

Primed Kimbap Wraps

My favorite is so easy and so simple yet absolutely delicious. Primed Kimbap Wraps are fabulous and loved by everyone who tries them.

All you need to do is visit your local Korean Grocery and buy items like Nori Sheets, Kelp Sheets, Kimchi and other Primed items.

Then you simply need some other ingredients like canned salmon, sardines or mackerel in olive oil, tuna in olive oil or water, cucumber, carrots, cream cheese, spinach leaves, lettuce leaves and even fried eggs.

You can also buy a sushi mat but not really necessary.

Cold Cuts Rock

Have a look at the beautiful food you can enjoy whilst Primed.

Holiday cuisine

It is also niceto take your food outside if you have a park or grassy area nearby.

Primed holiday3

We love quality cheese, meats and olives too.

Assemble Primed Dishes9

When you skip the GMO, sugar spiking, leaky gut inducing, brain permeability inducing, nutrient deficient, nutrient leaching, appetitie stimulating and inflammatory bread you actually have more room to eat the more nutrient dense, immune building real foods.

For even more reason to see why bread/grains are not fit for human consumption see the Wheat Belly site of cardiologist Dr. William Davis and the site of Neurosurgeon David Perlmutter, M.D. called Grain Brain. Both are researchers and NY Times best selling authors.

Here are Some Great Dishes with Filipino Favorites called Tuyo and Laing

Assemble Primed Dishes4

You can never go wrong with avocados.


Salted Eggs and Boiled Eggs are a Great Item to Always Have On Hand

Assemble Primed Dishes3

Simple Salads

This was my recovery food after arriving home from the Malaysia Ironman 2014.

All you need is some cheese, greens and an avocado to make a tasty salad. It will always be better with some fabulous healthy fat in the form of olive Oil.

Speaking of Oils, Virgin Coconut Oil is Fabulous

Primed Organic Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil1

You can have a shot as a meal replacement or when fasting. It is also excellent for your health. I also love coconut milk in my iced coffee or virgin coconut oil in my hot coffee.

Coconut Oil Benefits

Cucumber is a Cool Vegetable

Assemble Primed Dishes47

It also tastes great with cheese.

Assemble Primed Dishes24

Add water and Apple Cider Vinegar after putting in salt for 20 minutes (then draining) and you have pickles! See Primed Pickle recipe here.

A tasty evening meal can be as simple as a fried egg, carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and a piece of seaweed. It does not have to be gourmet to be delicious and nutritious.

Assemble Primed Dishes21

Nuts about Nuts but not Peanuts (a Legume)

Assemble Primed dishes43

Nuts are definitely nutritious and a great snack or even a great first course to your meal. It is best not to snack throughout the day and incorporate your snacking as part of your meal.

Challenge pre-race fuel1

Even Primed quality food spikes your blood sugars (minimally compared to grains that are metabolized exactly like sugar in your body). Snacking too many times throughout the day takes your blood sugars (and mood) on a roller coaster ride and is definitely not good for you.

Beef jerky is also delicious with pickles and was my food immediately after finishing my Langkawi Ironman while the other competitors were hindering their recovery with sugar spiking, inflammatory carbs.

Pickle juice

Pickle juice is also a tasty and tangy way to ward off cramps during a race.

Avocado is a Fruit and a Super Food When in Season

Assemble Primed Dishes8

I guess you can see that I like Cream Cheese too. Below is my meal before my 3:30 Condura 42.2km marathon on February 1st 2015 despite training only 40k per week beforehand (my least ever before a marathon)and having biked 91km just 12 hours before race time.

Condura fuel pre-race

I love the Condura Skyway Marathon and will do it again in 2016.

Condura with Raul and Jamie

Liver Pate and Canard is Also a Quick and Nutritious Way to Eat

Assemble Primed Dishes27

Canard is Duck confit and is delicious.

MIM 2015 pate

Brasserie CiCou make an excellent Pate and tastes great with baby raddish.

CiCou-Chicken Liver Pate with Raddish

When Travelling Be Prepared

Almost all of the items and dishes above can be prepared in your hotel room when travelling. I always take a plastic bowl, plate and some cutlery with me. Also a container with which I can make my Iced Coffee. Also good to pack is some Virgin Coconut Oil, Nuts, Beef Jerky and some Sardines (or other canned fish in olive oil).

Please, never vegetable oil.

Killer Veg Oil

Easy to Prepare Primed Smoothies

Or this:

Retzel Smoothie

It is best to avoid juicing because that is too much concentrated fruit and/or vegetable sugars without the requisite fiber.

Easy to Assemble Desserts

It is as easy as this.

The benefits of chia seeds are many.

Chia seeds info

Please Remember This

Assemble Primed dishes42

When Eat fat You Burn Fat and Have Access To More Calories

Fat Tank

The Final Word

Dr. Ted Naiman - Eat Fat not sugar5

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