Ironwoman Berns Tan Personal Best by 1 hour plus with a Primed Lifestyle

One of my idols is Berns Tan. A wonderfully talented lady who smashed her Ironman personal best by more than 1 hour after adopting the Primed for your Life/Wheat Belly/LCHF lifestyle.

So, how did Berns go from a 13:17:58 Ironman Malaysia on September 27th 2014 to a 12:15:15 Ironman Taiwan on April 12th less than 7 months later?

Berns adopted the Primed Lifestyle which is very similar to the Wheat Belly Lifestyle of Dr. William Davis where grains, sugar, processed foods and vegetable oils are eliminated in favor of more nutritious, real foods that do not spike your blood sugars nor cause inflammation.

It is all about optimally fueling your mind and body.

Berns Tan Ironman4

Questions and Answers with Ironwoman Berns Tan

What were the main reasons for you smashing one hour off your Ironman personal best?

β˜… I was able to shed off 3-4lbs of body weight even when I was eating my favorite food – meat. However, like you said, not too much meat but less cheap carbs (like bread, pasta, rice, noodles, white potatoes) and more quality fats like olive and coconut oil.

How was your energy during Ironman Taiwan?

β˜… Sustained energy all throughout the race. I only needed a quarter of the amount of energy gel (Home-made Primed of course) that I took on my previous full Ironman in Malaysia. I even walked 5km to my hotel after the race πŸ˜‰

How was your recovery?

β˜… I recovered very well, no injuries! It was quite fabulous compared to previous races where it took me longer to recover. Like you said, the sugar and cheap grains cause inflammation in your body so you can recover faster with meat and fats.

What’s good and bad about going Primed?

β˜… The best good thing about the Primed/Wheat Belly/LCHF lifetyle is my “bad” cholesterol became normal even if I am genetically predisposed to having high bad cholesterol. See graph and explanation below.

How’s your mental clarity once eating better.

β˜… I noticed that I don’t get sleepy anymore after eating compared to when I use to eat carbs from rice or pasta. I can go right back to work without the need for siesta.

Can you maintain Primed?

β˜… Definitely. I really enjoy the extra energy and feeling more full and satisfied with my real food.

What do your pals think?

β˜… Now that I lost around 8 lbs and maintain a fat level of 16-17% from when I started Primed/Wheat Belly/LCHF lifestyle, some of them are very inspired and are trying it. They said I have more power and speed. While some think I am too skinny! Haha.

What is your favorite Primed recipe?

β˜… I love the simplicity and taste of the Primed Kimbap wrap.

What is your favorite Wheat Belly recipe?

β˜… No particular favorite actually as I really like them all and go through a new recipe every week from the Wheat Belly Cook book.

Wheat Belly Cook book

Cholesterol Magic

After 8 years of ok lipid panel results my Primed Ironman friend Berns registered her best ever cholesterol results. This was after just 3 months fully Primed for your Life that also saw her get a personal best Ironman result by 1 hour plus. This is great proof of her improved cardiovascular health. What’s not to love about leading a Primed/Wheat Belly/LCHF lifestyle? Read this insightful article from Dr. William Davis entitled “Blow your HDL through the roof“.

Berns Tan Choesterol

Besides improved cardiovascular health your brain size will not decrease. You get smarter Primed for your Life. Thanks for the cool graph David Perlmutter, M.D. Email me at if you want an independent, free of charge analysis of your past cholesterol results.

Freedumb from Grains6

Berns is also an Accomplished Marathon Runner and Trail Runner

Berns Tan Ironman6

Berns and pals

Berns and her buddies.

Berns buddies

Berns has a lot of buddies.

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch1

The Wholesome Table lunch from when Berns started her Primed journey to great health and Ironman success.

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