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2016 Financial Fitness Run was Big Fun

It was a joy to represent Soleus Philippines in the Financial Run on May 29th 2016.

Fat burner

I ran my 10km Race during the Financial Run in a fasted state (just lunch the previous day). That’s because I am a fat burner. My friend Primed Rose Ann is a fat burning beast too. We are not constantly hungry. We are satiated with our nutritious food. We do not live to eat. We eat to live.

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5 Primed Reasons Why I Participate in Triathlons

I enjoy doing triathlons but used to participate in them with the wrong belief that I would get fit and lose fat. Unfortunately that didn’t work. I was a fat, unfit triathlete wasting lots of time. Anything lost can be found again except for time wasted.


I was an idiot. A misguided, well-intentioned idiot, but an idiot non-the-less. I tried the same idiotic routine for 2 years and was still fat, still unfit and still wasting my time.


But it gets worse. A lot worse. My idiotic over-training and eating poor food to fuel that training not only hurt me but hurt my family too. They needed my presence but I was wasting time biking and running around in circles too much (just like with sunshine, the poison is in the dose). I was feeding myself cheap, nutrient deficient sugar foods (sugarade, gels, bread, pasta, noodles etc.) and then feeding that to my children. That is something I still regret but excuse myself because I did not know better.


I now know better and these are the reasons I do triathlon events.

Here’s 5 Primed Reasons I Do Triathlon Now – Never to get fit (does not work) or at the expense of sleep or time with my family.

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