2016 Financial Fitness Run was Big Fun

It was a joy to represent Soleus Philippines in the Financial Run on May 29th 2016.

Fat burner

I ran my 10km Race during the Financial Run in a fasted state (just lunch the previous day). That’s because I am a fat burner. My friend Primed Rose Ann is a fat burning beast too. We are not constantly hungry. We are satiated with our nutritious food. We do not live to eat. We eat to live.

Financial Runfi

Thanks to the amazing Primed Judith and Team Soleus Philippines.

Financial Run16

The highlight was seeing so many Primed friends running and enjoying the race with my mate Jessie and my darlings Lauren and Christian.

Here’s my Primed mate Bryan Magali.

Financial Run11

Financial Run12

Primed Dennis Respecki and Angela Hancock Respecki. The cool ISM teachers of Lauren and Christian.

Financial Run10

I love seeing the great pictures from the Running Photographers. They are amazing and so greatly appreciated by the runners.

Financial Run14

I love seeing the pictures where the runner is literally flying with both feet off the ground.

Financial Run2

Financial Run7

Even my own darling were “flying’. This was particularly so as the finish line was in sight.

L & C Flying

I am equally amazed at barefoot runners. I want to try that one day but hid it a little too owie.

Financial Run1

It was cool seeing this cutie running too.

Financial Run13

It is always wonderful to see running friends and the joy on the faces of my fellow runners.

It was nice seeing Sante Barley triathlon teammate Lyka on the course. Raul too.

It is never easy to run a 5km, 10km or 21km race. However, the joy upon successfully finishing is very satisfying.

Financial Run4

I ran my 10km in a fasted state part of a 16 hour fast) and enjoyed a fried egg and nori sheet stack after the race. I even had the energy for an eccentric gym routine in the early evening.

Financial Run18

The next day I was fully recovered and even walked around 10km after the race and did a heavy eccentric gym routine.

Eccentric Gym Lauren

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