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30 Great Benefits of a Primed Lifestyle Experienced by my Corporate Clients

Benefits of a Primed Lifestyle Experienced by More Than 300 Corporate Employees in Manila, Cebu and Davao:

1. Feeling better in themselves with increased self-confidence

2. A lot more ENERGY that can be further directed into their health journey as well as work, self-education,family, fun and friends.

3. Less sleepy in the afternoon – means increased productivity

4. Better mental clarity means better thought processes

5. Better mood which assists team harmony and self-worth

6. Less period pain with reversal of PCOS, dysmenorrhea and other issues

Mt. Labo Seminar1

7. Less stomach issues

8. Regular bowel movements (no more constipation)

9. Better skin and hence improved confidence

10. Better teeth

11. Better quality sleep so they wake refreshed and ready for the challenges of the day

12. Less sick leave/sickness

13. Improved life skills by learning new healthy recipes

14. Reversed asthma

15. Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

16. Brought blood pressure down so as to get off all medications

17. Off all cholesterol medications so no side effects from the hormone disrupting drugs

18. Reduced stress with better controlled blood sugar levels assisting stabilized stress reactions

19. Improved family life as their families enjoy the benefits of more optimal nutrition too

20. Being more mindful of what they eat and when. This leads to having a greater appreciation of how maximum nutrition enhances their mind and body.


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