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Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Running Performance by Elite Primed Runner Andy Pope

Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Running Performance. Guest post from elite Primed runner Andy Pope.

1. Train, don’t just run.

It’s fun to run just to get out but dedicate one or two sessions a week to speed work, hill work or fartleks. Just adding extra effort to parts of your runs makes a big difference.

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2. Join a club.

The social part of being a member of a Club is enjoyable, you are more likely to race (and therefore set goals) and a bit of peer pressure will help push you along.

Team Soleus

3. Read.

There is a ton of good information in articles and books. Books are inspirational and thought provoking, a couple to get you started – Running with the Kenyans by Adharanand Finn or Running Beyond the Marathon by Grahak Cunningham.


4. Go Primed for your Life.

Control your weight by what you eat: Lots of veg, grass fed meats, fish, healthy fats, berries, nuts, good whole foods; cook in coconut oil.

5. Eat less of….

Any carbs – especially pasta, noodles, rice and bread. Any sugar (including most fruit). Processed food. Any fast food. Don’t use any type of vegetable oil.

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6. Hydrate with….

Natural or Homemade drinks and gels (water, calamansi juice, buko juice…). Learn to hydrate as and when you need to; don’t over hydrate.

Water rocks

7. Distance isn’t everything.

The trend to go ultra can make a marathon or ultra-marathon seem like what you “have to” do. Enjoy shorter distances and the sense of achievement that comes with any race and even if you are training for a long race you don’t have to rack up dozens of miles each week – quality not quantity.

8. Eccentric Core.

Do a core workout once a week. This should be eccentric exercises and shouldn’t take more than half an hour.

Eccentric Gym Lauren

9. Rest and sleep.

Don’t underestimate the power of rest and sleep. To be still running in the couple of days lead up to a race or competition is quite simply madness… enjoy the days off… and the extra power and energy you will derive from it. Try and sleep for at least seven hours a night.

Sleep rocks

10. Cross Train and/or add variety.

Break it up. Swim; Bike; Yoga; Gym… or just run somewhere new.

Thanks for the Great Hints Andy Pope.

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