Primed Recipes To Be Out Soon

We have some fabulous Primed recipes coming out soon for you to experiment with and enjoy. They will all be posted in the month of July (but available immediately for my Primed clients of course).

The Ukrainian selections will include:

Primed Holubtsi Cabbage Roll, Stuffed Eggs and Bryndza

We will also Feature the most Delicious Sweet Potato Fries with a Duo of Sauces – Primed Onion Sauce and Primed Mayonnaise:

If you like Nuts, Extra Spice in Your Life and Snacks then our Primed 6-Spice Cashews Are for You:

I will also be posting my Primed Sardine and Vegetable Muffin Duo. So filling and so delicious.

Vegetable Muffin11

Why Do I Give Out All These Recipes for Free?

Because I want people to have freedom from low quality nutrients like bread, pasta and other grains (please ditch sugar and vegetable oil). These products are less than optimal (besides spiking blood sugar and causing inflammation) and the reason so many people are overfed and undernourished leading to obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and other negative health issues.

You can easily and cheaply substitute green vegetables like Malunggay and kangkong (and so many other great vegetables), add eggs and other quality ingredients that properly nourish your body and brain.


Much better to to eat satisfying and filling foods so you can eat to live (not live to eat) and allow your mind to have more productive, happier thoughts. So many people are wasting time and energy consumed with what to eat next as their blood sugar goes on a roller-coaster ride.

Primed for your life - quote29

These products are not proper food and can severely harm both you and your family.

Wheat Belly1

From the facebook pages of Cardiologist, researcher and New York Times best selling author of Wheat Belly Dr. William Davis.

Freedumb from Grains6

From Neurosurgeon, researcher and New York Times best selling author of Grain Brain David Perlmutter M.D..

The Final Words:

It is never too late to regain your health and start eating more nutrient dense, satiating food. Fight disease, don’t feed it.

Freedumb from Grains5

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