Primed Boiled Eggs – The Secret to Easily Peeled Perfect Eggs

Buy Organic Eggs from Cubao Farmer’s Market or Your Local Market

So, just find quality eggs at your local Farmer’s Market and buy them. Our household of 4 consumes around 6 dozen eggs per week. My cholesterol is most excellent too by-the-way. I eat a lot more eggs now compared to what I did in 2013 and my results have improved a lot since then.

Please see the following with my cholesterol results, some youtube information and further cholesterol explanation. Cholesterol letter.

Please see here from author, neurologist and 30 year clinician and scientific researcher Dr. David Perlmutter as to why Eggs are indeed healthy. It is called “Whole Eggs vs. Egg Whites. Which is Healthier?”

Organic Eggs

Organic eggs are preferable of course seeing the chickens eat food natural to them and will not need antibiotics to keep them alive.

The Secret to Easily Peeled Perfect Eggs

Boiled Eggs Method

Pin Prick the Egg Before Boiling the Egg

Boiled Eggs Method1

The first thing is to start boiling your water as you will place the eggs directly into water that is boiling.

Use a nice, clean needle/pin to pierce the top of the egg with a pin prick. This breaks the membrane of the egg under the shell and will allow you to more easily peel the egg after boiling.

Boiled Eggs Method2

After pin pricking the eggs immerse into your boiling water. Boil for 9 minutes only. 10 minutes for slightly more cooked and hard yellow (yolk) and 8 minutes if you prefer more soft yolk. We love 9 minutes but you must cool the eggs in cold water immediately after boiling and then put them in an ice bath. This will then stop the egg from cooking more and making the yolk too hard and dry.

After cooling your eggs in their ice bath peel them with ease and put them in your fridge.

We ALWAYS Have Boiled Eggs in Our Primed Fridge:

Primed Pantry & Fridge Items Every Day

How to Best Enjoy Your Boiled Eggs:

(1) Straight from the fridge, into mouth, chew, swallow and smile!

Eggxcellent nutrition

(2) Add a topping like Semi-Dried tomatoes

Egg w sdt

(3) Add to some vegetables and liberally apply your delicious and nutritious Bagna Caude sauce

Bagna Caude3 - Pope Francis

(4) Delicious with wilted greens and cheese

Primed cooking lessons2

(5) Use your boiled egg to make a Primed Scotch Egg. Add Malunggay to your mince meat to make it even more Primed

Scotch Egg-Christian is Primed

(6) Add a boiled egg to your Santi’s Pate with Salad Greens

Santi's lunch2

(7) Have a Salted Duck Egg in your Salad


(8) Add your boiled egg to your pan-fried Sardines with Roasted Vegetables

(9) Add a layer of sliced boiled eggs into your Vegetable Sheets Lasagne

(10) Add boiled eggs to your picnic hamper but ensure they are kept cool before consuming

Primed holiday3

(11) Add boiled eggs to your breakfast of avocado and pate

Breakfast Primed

(12) Have your boiled eggs with your cream cheese, chorizo and avocado

Condura fuel pre-race

(13) Mix chopped boiled eggs with fresh spinach and add your Thai Green Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Chicken Curry _ Primed

(14) Put Malunggay pesto on your boiled egg

Pesto with Malunggay

(15) Make your boiled eggs into a comfortable sofa

Eggxcellent sofa

Picture of Egg Sofa from here.

So, now you know that eggs are good for you. This is definitely true as long as you do not fry them in vegetable oil and use coconut oil instead.


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