Primed Salmon and Zucchini Burgers 3-Ways

A delicious Burger is a nutritious food item you can enjoy as part of your Primed Lifestyle.

My favorite Primed Burger when dining out is the fabulous grass-fed beef burger at The Wholesome Table in BGC. To make your burger Primed simply ask the wait staff or chef to add salad and/or vegetables instead of the highly processed GMO chemically enhanced bun and artery clogging “vegetable” oil soaked fries.

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch

Here is an easy to make and delicious Primed Salmon and Zucchini Burger you can make for yourself and your family. I previously used Tuna and Squash to make my Primed Patties.


Salmon Patties Patties ingredients

– 2 zucchini
– 1 carrot (other suitable veg include squash, cabbage and broccoli)
– fresh malunggay
– 4 cans of salmon (we buy ours from S&R but you can use sardines in olive oil, tuna in water etc.)
– 2 onions (the more the merrier)
– 5 cloves of garlic (the more the merrier – you could even add ginger for extra ooomph!)
– 4 eggs
– 1/2 cup of malunggay
1 and 1/2 cups of almond flour (simply almonds ground to become fine in a grinder). Alternatively you can also use coconut flour or a combination of both – never killer white and cheap GMO bleached grain flour)
– salt and pepper
– Cooked in coconut oil (never cheap artery clogging “Vegetable” oil – that is not even vegetable)


We bought our canned salmon from S&R together with some coconut water, frozen berries, chia seeds, butter and cheese.

Method is So Simple and Easy To Do:

1. Grate your zucchini and carrot into a bowl. Just use a normal cheese grater. This is also what you use to make Cauliflower and Broccoli “Rice”

2. Pan fry your onion and garlic in coconut oil till soft

3. Whisk your 4 eggs with a good dose of salt and pepper

4. Put your 4 cans of fish into a bowl having drained off the juice

Salmon Patties

5. Mix your onion and garlic into your grated zucchini and carrot

6. Add your malunggay then egg mixture

7. Add your fish with extra salt and pepper into your vegetable mixture

8. Add your Almond/Cococnut Flour (see my post here on how easy it is to make Coconut Flour)

Coconut Flour Primed for your Life11

9. Stir in all the ingredients so that it is not too wet and not too dry. See picture below for the consistency required. You can then either add another egg or more flour to make it right. Basically you mix it to be like a beef burger consistency.

Salmon Patties mixture

10. Cooking time! Just make your mixture into a small ball, place onto pan with coconut oil and fry. Turn after maybe less than minute and cook the other side. You are just cooking through for the sake of the egg as all ingredients are cooked or can be eaten raw.

Salmon Patties w Coconut Oil

Absolutely Delicious:

Salmon Patties Featured Image

Other Ways To Enjoy This Delicious and Nutritious Dish:

1. With Kimchi

Korean MArket

2. With Boiled Eggs and Semi-Dried Tomatoes

Egg w sdt

3. With Home-made Pickles and Ginger

4. With Bagna Caude Sauce (amazingly delicious and fabulously nutritious)

5. On its own

6. Good for breakfast, lunch. dinner, lunch box, snack and dessert (haha).

7. With Cream Cheese or any cheese really

8. With a glass of Australian Sauvignon Blanc purchased from Wine Depot

9. With Chad at your place as I train you and/or your house help as part of my Wellness Coaching.

Salmon Patties 4 ways

The Final Word:

Primed cooking lessons10

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