Primed Mango Mousse with Coconut Milk

Here is an easy Primed recipe that tastes great. I personally would only have a tablespoon seeing I wish to avoid the fruit sugars in the mango, but my children really enjoy this as a nice treat every now and then. It takes around 5 minutes to prepare and can last for a couple of days in the fridge. You could even put it in the freezer for a cooler version.


Mango Chia Pudding

Bananas (optional)
Coconut milk or cream (see here how you can DIY coconut milk)
Chia seeds
Crushed nuts (optional)

Mango Chia Pudding1


1. Simply cut your mangoes into small chunks, add coconut milk and then chia seeds. Stir in then place into fridge.

Mango Chia Pudding2

2. There are no quantities as this is a dessert/snack for you to play around with seeing you can add more or less of any ingredient depending on your tastes and/or budget. Hence, less chia seeds if you are on a budget seeing they are relatively expensive. Use less mangoes if you have metabolic issues and are more intolerant to the sugars in fruit.

Chia pudding

For someone who is pre-diabetic would be best to avoid mangoes and have a Primed Berry Chia Mousse.


1. Add bananas if you want some added flavor and texture.

Chia pudding2

2. Spices like cinnamon or nutmeg might also taste nice with this dish.

Cinnamon rocks

3. Chia seeds are very good for you.

Chia seeds info

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