Is Sitting Too Much the New Smoking? Probably. LifeSpan Workplace Has the Solution

Stand up desk fi

Yes, it is possible to get fit and stay healthy during your working hours with the right knowledge, attitude and equipment.

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Sitting Too Long Is Not Natural or Healthy

To beat the sitting too much conundrum you can employ many tactics like:

(1) Top your water bottle up every hour whether empty or not;

Stand up desk14

(2) Go to the toilet more (this will happen once you start drinking more water);

(3) Stand to answer the phone or make a call:

(4) Use a stand up desk for portions of the day. See below the many examples of where you can have a make shift desk that can go under your computer when you want to stand or be removed when you want to sit; and

(5) Set the alarm on your phone for every hour to remind you to stand and move your butt.

See here for some more ideas to “Be fit, not fat at work”.

Greasing the Groove

A lot of people exercise too much. This eats into their family time, time for self and time for work. It can be counter productive and there is a way to maintain your fitness even whilst on the job.

It is called greasing the groove where you are simply a lot more active during the day therefore eliminating the need for excessive cardio activities after work. I have heard it said that by simply using a stand up desk you are doing the equivalent of 6 marathons a year. That’s cool.

Imagine then the enormous benefits of using a treadmill desk or biking desk as shown in the pictures?

Stand up desk12

My beautiful daughter really enjoyed doing her work on the bike. She said it actually was fun and helped stimulate and invigorate her. Indeed, research shows that by simply moving more during the learning process you retain more information.

Stand up desk16

I loved using the treadmill desk and experienced the same benefits as Lauren. It is an efficient and effective way to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst working at home or in your workplace.


More and more of the best companies in the world (like facebook, google, Apple, Mt. Labo E&D Corp., TaskUs etc.) are placing an emphasis on employee health (Primed nutrition, exercise, sleep, sunshine etc.) and experiencing the associated benefits you can see here below:

Benefits of a Primed Lifestyle Experienced by More Than 80 Corporate Employees in Manila, Cebu and Davao:

(1). Feeling better in themselves with increased self-confidence; (2). A lot more ENERGY that can be further directed into their health journey as well as work, self-education,family, fun and friends; (3). Less sleepy in the afternoon – means increased productivity; (4). Better mental clarity means better thought processes; (5). Better mood which assists team harmony and self-worth; (6). Less period pain

Over-fed and under-nourished89

(7). Less stomach issues; (8). Regular bowel movements (no more constipation); (9). Better skin and hence improved confidence; (10). Better teeth; (11). Better quality sleep so they wake refreshed and ready for the challenges of the day; and (12). Less sick leave/sickness

Over-fed and under-nourished5

Over-fed and under-nourished8

The Final Word – Soon, Cheap Carbs Will be the New Sitting

Cheap carbs include bread, pasta, noodles, crackers and not just cake!

Optimal Nutrition

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