Are You Dressed to Kill: Limit Using Your Bra and Perhaps Limit Your Chance of Breast Cancer

“The Philippines has the highest incidence of breast cancer in Southeast Asia. Breast cancer is also one of the leading causes of death among Filipino women. Most women with breast cancer have no known risk factors except that they are women. So no one should be exempt from being vigilant.” From I Can Sere foundation.

I believe it is false that the causes of breast cancer are unknown. Hopefully we might learn that ladies could limit their chances with smarter (or no) bra wearing, avoiding soy products, finding better alternatives to mammograms and building your immune system through optimal nutrition.

Please listen to this great podcast. Important for men too.

Please also listen to this regarding the big business of cancer:

bra free

Cultural genetic disease means we accept what’s normal without questioning it. It is embedded in who we are and how we think as a culture. Well, it is time to question all the information we have been fed and told. Remember the medical industry and drug companies profit greatly from our disease.

95% of all cancers are caused by environmental factors

There is a significant link between wearing a restrictive bra every day and breast cancer. The bra straps restrict your lymphatic system.

Can you see grooves and indentations on your skin? Do you have red marks and indentations from the pressure and weight of your bra. It is a lot of pressure over time. Bras can cause nerve damage down the arms so you can get numbness in your hands.

Constriction affects circulation and affects your lymphatic system: your circulatory pathway of your immune system. You do not want tight any thing around your body. Whether it is socks, pants, belts etc.

Ditch the bra

Chronic clothing constriction problem through your bra overtime:

Your breasts can swell with fluid. The breast get a toxic build up of fluid and cysts can develop. This is not natural and the reason is due to the bra.

This is also exacerbated during your period when your breasts swell and are even more constricted with your already tight bra. Hence, breast pain before your period is a sign to ditch your bra or buy a bigger one.


(1) Harvard study in 1991 found bra free women had half the rate of breast cancer as women wearing a bra. Bra free women have a much less chance of breast cancer;

(2) Other studies found bra free women have as much chance of getting breast cancer as a man;

(3) In Fiji the only people with breast cancer were the ones wearing bras. The pattern is amazing; and

Native Fiji lady

(4) A China study also showed that women sleeping in their bra had far higher incidents of breast cancer.

A man created the bra. What? Why? Now we simply accept that a bra must be worn. Why?


Is the bra similar to foot binding?

Bras are breast binding and not good for any young girls or any ladies.

It is time to change the culture of bra wearing. Definitely no more restrictive clothing.

Is Having a Mammogram Safe?

Please listen to this regarding the big business of cancer:

Mammograms are not the best or safest way to check for breast cancer.

Since 1971 there has been an 80% increase in breast cancer. 1 in 9 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

A European report in July 2006 in the Journal of Clinical Oncology studied 1600 European women that showed that the radiation from the mammagram actually causes breast cancer. The study showed that of the women who had one mammagram had 54% more likelihood of getting breast cancer than a woman that did not.

A mammogram is ionized radiation on your breasts. Advanced thermography works much better and is not dangerous. So, why do we still push mammograms? Is it because the doctors and hospitals are trying to a return on their investment. Also, breast cancer is a trillion dollar industry.


One of the Risk Factors for Breast Cancer

“Estrogen Levels: High estrogen levels marked by starting menstruation before age 12, having menopause after 55, or exposure to estrogen in the environment increases risks.”

Soy Very Dangerous

Phyto-oestrogens are plant substances with estrogenic properties. They attack to the estrogen hormone and leads to estrogen dominance. The leading cause of breast cancer, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, infertility and low-libido is estrogen dominance. Also a possible reason for onset of early puberty that we now see.

Consider this: Drinking soy milk by the glass delivers your body 20,000 times the effect of birth control pills. Yikes. Even if you don’t drink it it is in so many processed non-foods and even in the beef you eat if the poor cow was fed soy. It definitely disrupts menstrual cycles.

The long-term effect means you have 25 times more chance of developing fibroid tumors. Please do not feed it to your children, especially infants.


Bottom-line is that consuming phytoestrogens (soy contains more than just about any other food) is downright dangerous for the human body.

Build your Immune System with Primed, Optimal Nutrition

The Primed Lifestyle is about normalizing your blood sugar levels thereby reducing inflammation in your body.

Malunggay tea is Primed1

When you eat real food to optimize your nutrition you will have a stronger immune system so as to fight, not feed, disease.


Content from Here:

TMHS 021: Dressed To Kill – The Dangers Of Wearing Bras And Constrictive Clothing With Medical Anthropologist Sydney Singer

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