Primed Roast Chicken Recipe in Pictures

Roast Chicken is a fabulous dish when you put Garlic Butter under the skin before roasting.

Mt Labo E and D Corp CookingRoast Chicken

Don’t forget to add salt and pepper!

Mt Labo E and D Corp CookingRoastChicken1

If you can always roast 2 chickens at once so you have enough for a Primed Chicken Salad the next day. Planning ahead is a crucial aspect of staying Primed for your Life.

Mt Labo E and D Corp CookingRoastChicken2

Don’t forget to roast some veg with your chicken.

Roast chicken w Veg2

Lots of different root vegetables taste great roasted but toss them/add coconut oil or bacon fat with salt and pepper first.


Don’t forget to put it in the oven. Haha.

Roast Chicken and Veg4

Tastes fabulous once cooked.

Roast chicken w Veg3

Don’t forget to save the bones for when making your Primed Bone Broth.

Bone Broth ingredients

You can use any type of bones besides chicken.

Bone Broth cover pic

A good Primed Bone Broth has many wonderful health benefits.


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