The Primed Secret on How to Get Abs!

We all have abs. Some abs are simply hidden behind the flabs. Haha.

The way to get abs is not through endless chronic cardio. That will absolutely give you fatigue as you constantly elevate your cortisol levels.

It is best to spend more time in the kitchen making real food meals then you might see your abs come out.


So, how did Ghia get abs?

“I got them through some high intensity exercise but mainly through eating real food and no longer being scared of quality fats like olive oil and coconut oil. Franz and I try and eat real food and avoid sugars, grains and definitely vegetable oil.”

Primed Super Couple FandG1

Reujen went Primed on February 5th and turned flabs to abs with less training and more eating.

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought Chad was trying to sabotage me. Haha. But I had a lot of virgin coconut oil, green veg and eggs. Even lechon. Then wham, welcome abs. I train less now but am healthier and stronger than ever. And I have abs.”

Abs Reujen

Super ultra marathoner Rose also saw her abs after going Primed.

“I ate more nuts, olive oil and fats. Cut sugar and grains and my abs came out.”

Rose Primed

Even for a young man like Chad can get abs!

Multi-Sport Mag C & N

My Beautiful Primed Model Client Had Abs Until She Accidentally Ate Grains hen Became 5 Months Pregnant Within 10 Minutes!

Wheat Baby1

Read what happens if you eat grains after giving them up here.

The final Word

You can try to get abs through hours and hours of cardio where you stress your body, sacrifice time with your loved ones and still only get flabs because of lack of sleep, having the wrong food and drinks and damaging your hormones (cortisol).

Or, you can get abs by eating real food, with real flavor for absolutely unreal health results.

You’ll also stabilize your blood sugars, reduce inflammation and start fighting disease with an improved immune system.

So, abs are made in the kitchen with a recipe of quality food, sleep, sun and quality exercise. It’s true. just ask Ghia, Reujen and Rose.

I’d love to get your feedback here. Cheers.

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