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Primed Success Story of Ines and Elian from Chihuahua Mexican Grill

Quote from Primed Elian:

Since I’ve met Chad and started getting “Primed”, I have run my first Marathon of my life at 45 years old, and I have run over 700 kilometers over the last year.  I get lots of sunlight every day (no sunglasses), drink a lot of water (two large glasses before eating anything in the morning to start).”

Elian Honolulu marathon
From Ines: “And he FINISHED!!! #HonoluluMarathon2016#roadtohonolulu — with Elian Habayeb at Kapiolani Park. “
Back to Elian:
“I eat a healthy diet of vegetables, eggs, and various meats.

*** I feel fantastic, full of energy, positivity and gratitude.

 My wife Ines and I are both followers of the “primed” lifestyle and enjoy its benefits (we aren’t strict in our implementation, but hey even a 20% implementation will probably get you 80% of the results… 80/20 rule!).
When I eat at our restaurant Chihuahua Mexican Grill, I love to get the Chicken Salad or the Salad Wrap.”
From Chad: My family loves Chihuahua Mexican Grill with lots of cool options available to enjoy.
Chihuahua Mexican Grill5

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Great Primed Breakfast at Kitchen 1B

We have always enjoyed Kitchen 1B – especially for brekafast.

Kitchen 1B Breakfast4

My favorite is a Kitchen 1B omelette with smoked salmon.

Kitchen 1B Breakfast5

Lauren and Christian love their quality bacon.

Kitchen 1B Breakfast6

Kitchen 1B Toast

We put the butter on our Sweet Potato and give the toast back to the staff.

Eat the bread and the GLYPHOSATE POISON is inside.


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Quality Food & Service Every Time at Hossein’s

We have been big fans of Hossein’s almost since we arrived in the Philippines 15 years ago. We have tried his branches in Makati, Greenbelt and Serendra and have never been disappointed with excellent food and service every time. No wonder Hossein now also has restaurants in Trinoma and Alabang.

The food is a fabulous combination of Persian, Arabian, Indian and Mediterranean.


The occasion for our visit was for Christian’s 13th birthday and we all counted it as one of the best meals we have had in a very long time. The quality of ingredients and cooking was outstanding.


Thank you for the Duo of Dips Hossein. I have known Hossein for the whole 14 years we have been going to his restaurants and was even lucky enough to teach his daughter at Enderun Colleges.


Borani Eggplant and Hummus

Traditional Levantine Arabic mezze of pureed garbanzos blended with Tahini paste, olive oil and Middle Eastern herbs and spices with pita bread. Served Solo / Share

We loved these flavorful dips and simply ate them without the Pita Bread. Easy.

The Greek Salad was so fresh, so delicious and truly memorable.


Greek Salad – The classic summer Greek salad of feta cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes dressed with a Greek spiced infused lemon vinaigrette. Served Solo / Share / Family
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Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar Is a Local Favorite

Everyone I know that has tried Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar loved it.  I have tried all 4 branches and I am a fan too.

My family and I are fans because the food is fresh and it is easy to get delicious Primed Salads. The ambiance is casual and cool.  I am friends with owners Ines and Elian Habayeb so I know the quality is excellent as they are both perfectionists.

Chihuahua Mexican Grill6

Ines with Marc and myself. Ines is also a very healthy, real food person who is expecting a beautiful baby later this year.

The most fun I ever had at Chihuahua Mexican Grill was collecting my 2XU Special Award for Best Run Split of 3:28:27 as part of the Melbourne Ironman in 2014.

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