Great Primed Breakfast at Kitchen 1B

We have always enjoyed Kitchen 1B – especially for brekafast.

Kitchen 1B Breakfast4

My favorite is a Kitchen 1B omelette with smoked salmon.

Kitchen 1B Breakfast5

Lauren and Christian love their quality bacon.

Kitchen 1B Breakfast6

Kitchen 1B Toast

We put the butter on our Sweet Potato and give the toast back to the staff.

Eat the bread and the GLYPHOSATE POISON is inside.


Kitchen 1B breakfast

They also have excellent food besides breakfast items.

Kitchen 1B food

Etta and Marge fi

Etta and Marge also went Primed after our meeting at Kitchen 1B. Cool.

Ravi and I had a Great Primed Dinner There


Ravi daughter


Ravi’s Wife Reversed PCOS and NO Longer Takes Any Meds

PCOS Vidya

“I had PCOS problem and I was taking medicines for that. Now for the past 3 months, I stopped taking Medicines and I am getting my periods regularly.

We are grateful to you.” 

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #primedforyourlife🌟😍 #sunshineisenergy☀️ #energyislife❤️ #primedreversespcos#gratitudeisthemotherofallvirtues

The Ambiance is Excellent

Kitchen 1B Breakfast2

Kitchen 1B

We Love Going to Kitchen 1B After Going for Fun Runs

Kitchen 1B run

We had a wet, fun run early one Sunday morning and then went to Legazpi Market and Kitchen 1B.

We Love Going to Kitchen 1B After Going to Legazpi Sunday Markets and Buying our Vegetables and Eggs

Kitchen 1B Legazpi market

Kitchen 1B Breakfast9

My personal record for eggs is 46 eaten in 2 hours whilst on holiday in Boracay. Christian’s record is 20 eggs.

Still Scared of eating eggs or the yolk?

Manny architects cholesterol

GO PRIMED like Jojo, Chase and Marge

Jose Mari and Chase Primed 1

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