Another Primed Baby Due. Yippie for Primed Erhwill and Yana in Singapore. Yippie.

Quotes from Primed Erhwill in Singapore

“Hi Chad. I’m are just grateful that my wife eventually got pregnant. I think Primed lifestyle also played an important role for the success aside from our prayers.👍🏼
Sure Chad! Yes they encourage breastfeeding. You know what we tried 3 cycles under medication but no success then 1 cycle no medication then BOOM! (||).
I think our secret for that success is PRAYERS and Healthy Eating with Primed lifestyle.”👍🏼
Erhwill and Yana pic1

“Yes Chad All is well here. Actually I immediately stopped eating oatmeal and wheat bread for breakfast and changed it to your recipe. Avocado, vege omelette (using olive oil), and banana.”

Over-fed and under-nourished92

“I feel full compared with oatmeal and wheat bread. I’ll see in the next few weeks. Slowly we are switching our diet. I need to encourage my wife to eat healthy foods because she has PCOS. Sugar is a big NO for PCOS.”

Primed reverses PCOS. 

Sleep Importance 3

“I’m having a good sleep compared before.

Also the most noticeable thing happened to me was less trip to toilet esp at night. Before I went 3-4 to urinate. I’m thinking maybe my blood sugar went down already. My FBS last year was on borderline. This December I’ll be having my yearly check-up so I’ll see if that really improves including my LDL/HDL ratio.”
Microwave Evil_by_Koko_Cake

“Yes I don’t use microwave anymore after reading your post.

Its be to be safe than sorry. Prevention is better than cure as what they say
Also I’m not getting sick even without taking multivits.”

 Primed compared with Non-Primed waste of money

Healthy eating
“Well noted Chad. Your FB post is always echo-ing on my mind.😂 self discipline is the key. I don’t use anymore my arm sleeves when I’m doing my everyday site visit.”

Some Cool Food from Primed Erhwill

Erhwill food

From Primed Erhwill in Singapore:

“Chad. This combination taste good. First time to try the gourmet tuyo mixed with this salad. Taste like heaven!�”

Erhwill is rocking the Primed lifestyle and is thriving. His skin looks great.

Energy is fabulous. Sleep is sound. He looks and feels great. Also getting lots of sun. That’s Primed.

#primedimprovesperformance #energyislifelifeisenergy#brownskinrocks

They also love Primed Organic VCO.

Erhwill and Yana

Primed super couple have lost 10 plus pounds. Better than that is the increased energy and immune boost from their Primed food. Just dropped them two bottles of Primed Organic VCO that they’ll take home to Singapore. I love my job.

Their first child will be called Chad. Maybe. Haha. Cheers Erhwill Villagarcia.

Nice to visit my old stomping ground from when I was F&B Director at Edsa Shangri-La.

Yana and Erhwill baby

Want to make a baby?

Go Primed. It clearly helps and works. Hundreds of examples worldwide. Cool.
Skype me at primedforyourlife.
Email of
Cell of 0929-421-2148.

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