Primed Success Story of Ines and Elian from Chihuahua Mexican Grill

Quote from Primed Elian:

Since I’ve met Chad and started getting “Primed”, I have run my first Marathon of my life at 45 years old, and I have run over 700 kilometers over the last year.  I get lots of sunlight every day (no sunglasses), drink a lot of water (two large glasses before eating anything in the morning to start).”

Elian Honolulu marathon
From Ines: “And he FINISHED!!! #HonoluluMarathon2016#roadtohonolulu — with Elian Habayeb at Kapiolani Park. “
Back to Elian:
“I eat a healthy diet of vegetables, eggs, and various meats.

*** I feel fantastic, full of energy, positivity and gratitude.

 My wife Ines and I are both followers of the “primed” lifestyle and enjoy its benefits (we aren’t strict in our implementation, but hey even a 20% implementation will probably get you 80% of the results… 80/20 rule!).
When I eat at our restaurant Chihuahua Mexican Grill, I love to get the Chicken Salad or the Salad Wrap.”
From Chad: My family loves Chihuahua Mexican Grill with lots of cool options available to enjoy.
Chihuahua Mexican Grill5

Chihuahua salads rock.
Chihuahua Mexican Grill6

Primed Marc also loves Chihuahua.

Chihuahua C and C

Christian exercises the 20 / 80 rule when he eats at Chihuahua. haha.

Because Elian rocks I also did a Primed seminar at The Executive Toastmasters Makati. There have been several other cool success stories as a result.


Story from when Ines and I worked together at Enderun Colleges

We decided to donated our tips to the children at two impoverished destinations by making them some nourishing meals.

Smokey outreach2

We divided into 2 teams with Ines as a leader in one and me for the other.

Smokey outreach

Smokey outreach1

I am proud that several students from our outreach are also Primed like Ines. Pinky and Gabby are.

Smokey outreach6

Pinky and Gabby are both now THRIVING with their Primed Lifestyle.

Pinky Primed




I think we all learned a lot with our outreach.

111Primed Ellen

Ellen and her family are now in Switzerland and all Primed.

111Primed Ellen3

I met Ines many years ago at Makati Shangri-La. It is amazing how things turn out in life as you learn from and help the people you care about.

Cheers to a fun friendship Ines and Elian.

The best of our lives is still ahead.

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