12 Cool Reasons to Invest in yourself and buy The Primed Life book by Chad.

  1. It is an easy to read book that will help you to become healthier.
  2. You will save time and money as no meds, supplements or gym required.
  3. You will be motivated and excited to start making small changes ASAP that will have a big impact on your overall health.
  4. You will learn the importance of sleep and how to achieve R.E.M. sleep.
  5. You will help yourself and inspire the ones you care about.
  6. You will learn how to maximise your energy inputs.
  7. You will learn how to minimise what drains your energy.
  8. You will receive fabulous recipes from me with a skype or fb chat if you want to ask questions or have anything clarified.
  9. You will learn that eggs rock, the cholesterol is needed to make essential vitamin D, that microwave ovens are not cool and other myths will be busted.
  10. You will learn to avoid / minimise toxic veg oil like canola, most grains (poisoned by glyphosate), GMO soy, anything low fat, most packet stuff and fruits out of season.
  11. You will learn to love the sun and all things natural.
  12. You will improve your brain and body. You will be smarter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Review from a top Canadian nurse:

Another review:

“Thanks for writing this book Chad it’s very informative & definitely has helped me improve my life a TON!
Prior to adopting the PRIMED Lifestyle I was overweight with (pre-diabetic & hypertriglyceridemia), had no energy & terrible brain fog that affected my mood along with performance at work & relationships.
Now fast forward 3 months I have lost 15kg, I love the sun, practicing on having more positive outlooks on life, eating healthy fats & tons of eggs. All around health has improved with no more brain-fog, better mood & lots of energy to be able to train for a marathon after not having the energy to run since I was 19.
The PRIMED LIFE was very easy to read & understand, the insights on the sun, diet aspect & breathing through the nose really stuck out to me. Reading YOUR success & YOUR clients health improvements was enough for me to take MASSIVE action to finding ways to improve everyday! 
PS. Chad, Cris (My Boss) was asking if you would like our company to re-sell your book online because she loves the message you promote on all around health. 

Sarah said “My fitness is at an all-time high and my stress levels have NEVER been more manageable, my sleep has never been sounder.

I’m even converting my mom and she follows you on facebook.

I feel like I have the magic little secret of good health and weight control and never have to think about a calorie again. Sweet!

So thank you Chad, keep up the good work of saving the world.

Cheers, Sarah”

My best friend in Melbourne loves my book. All her family members got one. And a Primed wellness seminar too.

In less than 5 months Etel has almost seen all her vericose veins disappear. Etel has improved sleep, improved memory, better moods, lost a few kilos and tells all her loved ones about Primed. Yippie. What a great friend I am blessed to have. Hubby also lost over 15 pounds and is rocking it.



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