8 simple ways to an awesome 2020.

Your New Year’s Eve resolutions
will be made but can you stick to them? How big is your desire for improvement?

My motto for 2020 is BED. This motto rocks for 2 reasons.

1. Sleep is the key to health. Sleep better and you will live better.

2. BED is an acronym for Better Every Day.

Without good sleep you are more likely to make poor decisions. By being better every day your Primed habits will help you sleep better.

My other motto is Grateful ALWAYS and Positive ALWAYS.


By starting now you can make the rest of your life the best of your life. It is up to you.

You will be healthier and happier this coming year. You will get younger and fitter in mind and body!

Follow these key ingredients to ensure your 2020 is the best ever.

(1) Write out your work, life, fitness etc. goals and ensure they are somewhere prominent;


I personally want to: (a) Help over a million people improve their life through Primed; (b) Get into meditative practices and yoga; and (c) Spend more quality time loving and enjoying my beautiful family; (d) Create wonderful Primed recipes that taste great, are easy to prepare and not expensive; (e) Do/use more: Lemons, sun, grounding, regular intelligent fasting, laughing, gratitude exercises, CT, public speaking, company speaking, networking, hugging, standing and walking; and (f) Get more spice in my life (especially turmeric)!

Spice in your Life

What are your goals?  You have a better chance of success if you write them down and let people know.  

I have also given up alcohol starting December 9. I told my children and they will help me with this goal.

(2) Keep a record of all your food, beverages and outdoor exercise as a constant reminder to yourself to not slip up. This is important and a great habit for you to do that will aid you to successfully reach your written goals.  If you then have a friend or coach to be accountable to then that is a great bonus.

I keep a track of all my nitric oxide releases as well as my outdoor eccentric gym sessions. This is then a motivating tool for me.

I record all my food and drinks daily. I also record my sleep, when I intermittently fast, my fasted blood sugar sometimes and sleep quality.

I also do my gratitude journal daily.

To do Gratitude

(3) Get an old (or current) pic of you when you were not as fit and healthy and also carry that around with you.  This then serves as a motivation to eat Primed and get healthier (coincidentally slimmer too). Once Primed you will learn that food is just #4 with other factors more important.

(4) Get a Great Wellness Coach

This person will have specialized knowledge and have your interest at heart.

I love teaching my Primed clients the why with respect to Primed protocols and also helping them with the how to. My email is chad.davis.1@gmail.com if you want me to assist you.

(5) Don’t be too hard on yourself if you slip up but add to your notes/log about how bad and sick it made you feel (include the sugar addiction element with the sugar high followed by the sugar crash).  

This ill feeling can manifest in headaches, joint pain, foggy mind, lack of energy, lack of quality sleep, bad skin and irregular bowel movements to name a few symptoms.  Hopefully this then motivates you to avoid the bad junk “foods” that made you feel bad. Also be aware of the lifestyle or environmental factors that affected you. Like staying up late.

Many cool Primed clients are resetting after a fun holiday period.

Sugar addiction

(6) Celebrate your success and buy yourself a new top when you reach a milestone (or lunch celebration etc.).

You probably saved more than the expense by not buying that food like substance any way and will definitely save on doctors bills, pharmacy expenses for drugs and hospital visits too.


(7) Ensure you have your specially prepared snacks of European cheese, boiled eggs, 72% dark chocolate (no gluten ingredients), nuts or Primed Dark Chocolate Brownie etc. and eat these instead of the bad processed food temptations that will have negative health consequences for you.  

Avoid fast foods, vegetable oils, grains, soy, low-fat chemical rubbish and sugars as much as possible and you will surely be healthier and happier this year.

Chocolate Brownies

(8) Read great books:

For a copy of my book simply enter my name and book title into Amazon for a paperback or kindle version. If in Melbourne message me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com



The final word:

Little by little

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If you or your company need assistance in reaching your 2020 Wellness Goals then please feel free to contact me here or at 0434-100-564.