Visit Boracay Island in the Philippines: 10 Reasons it Rocks.

We will be in Boracay this January 2020 to rest, recharge and prime ourselves for a great year ahead. We have written our 2020 goals already and have started on the necessary actions already.

Boracay Island is in the Philippines is easily accessible from Melbourne and other Australian cities. There are direct flights from Melbourne to Manila via Cebu Pacific.

Then you just fly to Caticlan airport before hoping on a short boat ride to Boracay.

1. Beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters.

There is “white beach” (the main beach).

There is also Iligan Beach (my favorite).

Puka Beach can have lots of waves but is lovely too.

The sunsets at Puka beach are amazing.

2. Amazing sunrises and sunsets.

I will see every sunrise and sunset during our 2 weeks there,

3. Lemon Cafe is fabulous.

My children would place Lemon Cafe at #1.

The food, service and ambience rock.

Owner Sarah is Primed and she bought a copy of my book.

4. Great resorts like Shanghai-La Boracay.

Lifeguard Don is Primed. His wife and family too.

5. You can walk the island barefoot. It is clean.

6. Delicious seafood.

You can go to the market and buy your fresh seafood too. I made garlic prawns cooked in lots of butter over zucchini noodles.

7. Great people like Victor and Marlon. Lovely service staff at the local restaurants.

8. You can build your vitamin D.

The locals love the sun and are vibrant and energized.

Others hide from the sun at a beach location. Not so smart. All cause death and disease is increased with lack of vitamin D.

9. It is a nice place to walk or run barefoot to get grounding energy.

I walk or run to most places in Boracay barefoot and sometimes meet Primed friends like Judith along the way.

10. You can receive 3 free meals from Nigi Nigi if you break their egg eating record like au did.

It was 45 eggs once until I ate 46.Then someone ate 47.

I might try for 50 when we are there this 2020. Am I worried about cholesterol? Of course I am. I want it high. High HDL and total too seeing HDL is in the total cholesterol equation. Besides, we make vitamin D from sulphated cholesterol in our skin.

Lastly, visit Boracay. Or even many of the other great islands. It is fun, good value for money and the people are very friendly and usually speak excellent english.

Boracay is a great place to read The Primed Life (Available on Amazon in kindle or hardback version). The cover pic was taken by my beautiful daughter Lauren.

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