Melbourne marathon run with no food, no shoes, minimal training and no worries.

I recently ran the Melbourne marathon with:

  • No shoes for the last 10km
  • No breakfast beforehand and just 1.5 bananas at the 30km mark
  • No long runs as part of my training (just 10km twice in the 6 months before the race)
  • Not much run training with an average running per week of around 14km ( just running to work sometimes)

My main “training” consisted of the following:

  • Building my vitamin D (is actually a hormone) whenever I could
  • Doing lots of cold thermogenesis all winter and even an hour in 7 degree water at St. Kilda beach
  • Long barefoot walks in the sun
  • Eating lots of eggs, seafood, green vegetables and healthy fats like grass fed butter, coconut oil and olive oil
  • Drinking quality water like San Pellegrino and Evian
  • Prioritising a great sleep with wi-fi always turned off

In 2014 I ran my marathon in 3:28 after a 180km bike 🚲 ride.

In 2015 it was 3:55 after the 180km bike.

In 2019 my 3rd marathon in Melbourne was 4:12 but more satisfying. It was done with no long run training (max of 10km), not much running training (maybe 14km per week), in a fasted state (no breakfast) and no shoes for last 10km.

All marathons done whilst Primed. I recovered easily from all of them. #melbournemarathon #fastedrunning #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #theprimedlife

The longest run I did was 10km along the Yarra River with my great mate Bill Brummitt.

I practice walking and running barefoot whenever I can. I love it when my children join me.

We get free energy from the ground via electron chain transport. It is called the magnetic inverse spin Hall effect.

Zola Budd is my inspiration for barefoot running.

The main reason I did the run was to build my vitamin D in the sun, meet new people (no earphones for me) and see some of Melbourne.

No way would I wear sunglasses like lots of other “sheep”. They have listened to the bs about the sun and followed blindly. Sunglasses are definitely good for the people who sell them. My eyes are strong and are adjusted to the natural light of my environment. Same as Dr. Jack Kruse. He knows sunglasses are not smart.

P.S. You do not get the true benefits of the sun in a pill. Taking a pill for the sun is like asking your friend to do your push ups for you. Pointless and actually not healthy because you upset your bodies ability to make vitamin D by taking it.

I did lots of cold therapy at St. Kilda beach even during the heart of our winter with outside temps of 4 degrees Celsius and just 7 degrees Celsius in the water. I did not get sick once. My record was 65 minutes neck deep in the cold water.

The water I drink is from Europe because it has less deuterium (is lighter) than Australian water. This basically means it has more energy and helps our mitochondria make water more efficiently.

I love seafood, eggs and green vegetables as they are made by the sun..

*** No way would I take supplements or use sunscreen (a chemical concoction) that are made in a factory.

I prioritise real food like seafood, eggs, grass fed meat and green vegetables.

My food before my marathon was real food. I ate grass fed beef brisket for breakfast the day before the race. I had no lunch after that then just a little seafood before an early bed. I did have 2 beers with a friend. European beer.

I spent the day before the race playing fetch with Bubblez in the sun. I got a lot of the sun’s energy actually. I also did cold therapy at the beach afterwards.

Some other cool Primed running champs are Andy and Judith.

My great mate, Mike Grogan, understands the power of light, water and magnetism. Do you?

If you want to learn more ring me in Australia on 0434-100-564.

Or email at

Or skype at primedforyourlife

This is how Sandra did it. I gave her a copy of my book too.

Sandra went Primed after seeing my Mum lose 45 pounds, type 2 diabetes and hypertension with her fun and natural Primed lifestyle.

Primed Sarah also has a copy. Sarah rocks.

Available on Amazon as hard or soft copy.

See link here:

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