The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – The final words.

The Final Words

My story:

I have been 40 and unhealthy despite doing all I could to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I am now almost 51 and have never been healtheir or happier. I am so happy that I have learned some valuable lessons that I have imparted here for those wishing to improve their health.



Where there is life there is hope.

If you believe there is no hope then you are probably right.

Have hope. Follow some of the Primed protocols and ideas here to optimize your energy and hopefully you too can enjoy some positive health outcomes. Your loved ones too.


Food for thought?:

Diseases are more wide spread in the big cities and people leading unnatural lives tend to not thrive.

All cause mortality is increased with people who avoid sun light / are vitamin D deficient.


See the light:

The sun is natural light. Always opt for natural over fake for more natural results. Naturally.

Jack Kruse 2Jack Kruse 1

Did you know?:

Ancient civilizations worshipped the sun.


Take action:

Enjoy your Primed journey.

Feel free to ask me questions at or via facebook message at Chad Davis. Maybe buy my book on Amazon in paperback or kindle.

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