The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – Cold thermogenesis rocks.

20 Reasons cold thermogenesis is great for you and how to start

If you are going to improve your energy inflows once Primed wouldn’t it be great to have this improved energy flow faster?

It is definitely beneficial to becoming cold adapted and allowing your body to heat itself. When you practice cold thermogenesis you generate heat. Your shivering (a good thing) increases body heat production so you remain at homeostasis. Your mitochondria actually release infra-red light  (heat) to warm your body.

Cold Thermogenesis (CT) helps balance your hormones, improves your skin, aids fat loss, aids mental well-being, is great for sporting / life performance and recovery, reduces hunger, less inflammation, improves your sleep and is as simple as a cold shower or jumping in the lake.

From CT champ Dr. Jack Kruse: “CT increases your magnetic sense, it makes you thermodynamically better, it make you much better able to sense the magnetic field where you live and it increases the amount of tissue oxygenation and improves your breathing.”

  1. CT improves your sleep which improves your life (sleep = life = sleep). CT improves autophagy during sleep which is where you replace bad mitochondria in the cells.
  2. CT can improve your strength and stamina (I ran a 42 minute 10km race in the hot Manila sun after doing CT on my back, neck and legs. I had also run a combined 80km in the 5 days prior to that race). In addition, my personal best marathon time is 3:28:26 after biking 180 kilometres on a chilly day in Melbourne.
  3. CT increases the dopamine (feel good hormone) levels in your brain the same way sunlight can. Hence, cold climate people are meant to be exposed to the cold and get their dopamine hit this way. Hot climate people are meant to be exposed to the sun’s heat and light and get their dopamine there. Dopamine is critical as it helps your brain function optimally and aids better decision making.
  4. CT speeds wound healing by improving your immune system.
  5. CT helps with quicker recovery from exercise aches and pains.
  6. CT improves thyroid function.
  7. CT can help reverse Type 2 Diabetes due to helping reduce blood sugar levels in your body. CT also helps to cut food cravings which aids in regular intelligent fasting.
  8. CT can reduce chronic pain.
  9. CT improves sexual performance and fertility.
  10. CT leads to activation of your sympathetic nervous system.
  11. CT feels good as it increases blood level of beta-endorphin.
  12. CT increases the powerful anti-oxidant glutathione.
  13. CT electrically stimulates peripheral nerve endings to the brain which could result in an anti-depressive effect.
  14. CT allows you to produce greater energy in your mitochondria due to better protein tunneling due to less distance traveled.
  15. Cold ( and the sun ) are used to improve electrical current in your body. CT also improves your magnetic current in your body.
  16. Cold can turn white fat into brown fat. Your body fat is fuel that can be burned when you expose yourself to cold.
  17. CT is easy to do but please start slowly. By eating high energy food, getting grounding and sun energy and drinking cold water you will have more energy flow and find CT more enjoyable.
  18. CT is as simple as a cold shower or embracing a chilly day with less clothing then you would usually wear. Eventually you can try face dunking into icy water and then putting your feet in the cold water. You can start slowly with how cold you make the water and how long you put parts of your body in the water.
  19. CT is ideal in a cold lake with temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Ocean waters are great as you also get the grounding effect too. Cold water immersion is the best way to CT as it can improve your metabolic rate by up to 350% and dopamine by 250%.
  20. CT is great at any time of the day and even 10 minutes is of benefit.

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The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – Grounding energy rocks.

20 Reasons to get your bare feet on Mother Earth

Grounding / Earthing is another free way to get electrons / energy into your body without eating. It is as simple as walking bare foot on the beach as the water splashes your feet. Or on grass or sitting in a park with your palms of your hands on the ground. Or even touching / hugging a tree, patting a dog that is grounded or walking barefoot whilst shopping at your local Farmer’s Market like I do.

Grounding has a scientific name called the the inverse Hall magnetic spin effect. When we are grounded we augment our bodies electric charge in our cell membraines with the Earth’s negative charge. Cold thermogenesis augments magnetism (improves our magnetic effect) and we will see that in a later chapter.

“Walking barefoot and connecting with nature is one way of creating a “chemistry of blissfulness” , which is similar to what happens when you are smelling a flower or gazing at the sunlight or just listening to the sound of nature.” Doc Romy from the book of Author Sha Nacino called Mission Happiness.

  1. Improves your overall electrons / negative charge in your body which means you will have improved energy (for free).
  2. Improves sleep / circadian rhythms.
  3. Relieves muscle tensions,
  4. Reduces inflammation and pain.
  5. Reduces stress levels.
  6. Normalizes bodies natural rhythms.
  7. Reduces impact of jet lag.
  8. Improves blood pressure.
  9. Less cortisol.
  10. Helps fight oxidative stress which speeds healing.
  11. Improved feeling of well-being /mood enhancer.
  12. Optimizes hormones.
  13. Protects body against harmful nnEMF.
  14. Free reflexology session with toe stretching.
  15. Strengthens and stretches the muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet, ankles and calves.
  16. Grounding is done outdoors so the green scapes you see (hopefully) raises serotonin levels.
  17. Greater scensory stimulation relaxes you and reduces anxiety.
  18. Pushes off the body’s dirty electricity absorbed from electronics.
  19. Can also be grounded through leather soled shoes.
  20. Best grounding is at the waters edge at the beach.


My story:

I go to the market every Sunday without shoes on. I actually feel the energy and really enjoy it. The more I do of this the tougher my feet become and it becomes even easier to withstand pebbles and the heat. I have built up my ability to walk barefoot and to be in the sun.

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The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – The sun is #1. 20 Reasons why but there are countless more.

20 Reasons the sun is so critical to being energized

The sun is the source of all life. Sunshine is energy (and stored energy) and energy is life. As a wise Greek man once said to his now wise son: “Sun is life.” Simple really.

Humans and plants and all animals harvest energy from the sun. We are all light eaters. We are all solar powered yet the current trend is to avoid the sun. The current trend is also for increased disease and ill-health.

  1. The sun is responsible for ALL food on planet Earth via photosynthesis.
  2. The sun is more critical to your health than food. All causes of mortality (death) are proven to be increased with lower vitamin D (is actually a hormone). The higher your hormone D the lower your risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.
  3. We have hormone D receptors in EVERY cell in our body INCLUDING our eyes.
  4. The sun is more critical for a person of tropical / equatorial decent. People with dark skin and eyes need more sun on their eyes and skin than a whiter person. Hence, the darker your skin the more sun you need. The older you get the more sun you need as well.
  5. 48% of circuits in our brains are wired to the sun and not dietary metabolism.
  6. Sunlight on your skin = electrons in your body through Electron Transport Chain (ETC). All food is also electrons in your body via ETC. Earthing / Grounding is also electrons via ETC. Electrons = energy = life.
  7. The sun is also stored energy on our skins like a solar panel (we are solar charged beings). This stored energy helps us with our daily activities and also is utilized while we regenerate and repair through autophagy at night.
  8. The sun facilitates intestinal absorption of phosphorus and calcium which strengthens bones and teeth. The sun improves oral health which is important with respect to overall health.
  9. Helps trim fat cells and decrease leptin levels because the suns rays on your skin are electrons in your electron transport chain.
  10. The sun is a natural antibiotic to help white blood cells clear infection. This obviously improves your immune system functioning. The sun is also anti-inflammatory with a calming effect for muscle relaxation / less pain.
  11. The sun prevents high blood pressure and protects kidneys from high uric acid. Hence, the sun helps blood flow to all your vital organs especially brain and heart. Blood initially comes to the surface of your skin (dermal pooling) via nitric oxide. This nitric oxide release is beneficial to our body with a fun 4 minute exercise called Nitric Oxide Dump to be explained in another chapter.
  12. Increase oxygen content in blood and increases capacity to deliver oxygen to tissues in your body.
  13. Makes our gut less leaky for better immunity. Also fights autoimmune diseases and reduces cellular aging.
  14. Helps with HDL as a sign of liver health and helps protect the brain.
  15. Kills bad bacteria and reduces risk of breast cancer.
  16. Enhances performance for athletics / life. Improves body and brain functioning.
  17. Helps with sleep with morning sun in your eyes  and on your skin helping to set your circadian rhythm. The sun helps you sleep. Sleep = life = sleep.
  18. Sets biological clock through your eye clock for proper timely hormonal cascade daily. The sun’s light creates melatonin in the morning for release at night.
  19. Feels great with dopamine release being a natural drug.
  20. The sun is a natural opiate via POMC which releases B-endorpin into our blood stream. We are designed by Mother Nature to be addicted to the sun. If you do not get it naturally you’ll seek it artificially. Artificial will never be as good as natural.

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The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Energy dense foods to enjoy and 20 Reasons eggs rock.

20 energy dense foods to enjoy

If you find you are allergic or intolerant to any of the quality food below then simply avoid it for the time being. You will notice that as you become stronger and more energized with a better immune system these allergies might go away. Especially if you have a leaky gut and improve it.

Do not blame the allergies to good food on the good food. It is probably the toxins in grains and vegetable oil and from what our devices radiate that made our gut leaky. Primed restores your gut flora and makes it less leaky. Primed also helps diminish any holes in your blood brain barrier remembering your brain is often called your second stomach.

  1. Quality seafood that is not farmed is the best source of food energy on the planet. This seafood swims in electron dense water. Try and avoid a lot of bigger fish that may have a build up of mercury. Quality seafood and fats deliver 4 times the energy of carbohydrates to your electron transport chain.
  2. Quality eggs are a wonderful source of nutrients and energy. Buy the best ones you can afford with pastured eggs best.Please see 20 reasons eggs rock. The cholesterol myth is a big fat lie designed to sell more breakfast cereal, medicine, diagnostic test and cancer treatments. Quality eggs means from pastured raised hens but go for the best quality you can afford.
  3. Quality fats like extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, grass fed butter, ghee, coconut cream, coconut milk, avocado oil…. One mole of these fats generally produce 147 ATP compared to 36 for even quality carbohydrates. Gram for gram they add more energy.
  4. Leafy green vegetable carbohydrates like spinach, kale, bok choy, mustard greens etc. These sulphur rich foods are particularly important for people living in the tropics / long light cycles.Green veggies rich in sulphur are a way for you to add electric current to the water of your body. Foods high in sulphur help you to metabolize cholesterol.Eggs
  5. Nutrient dense cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts etc. These vegetables are also high in sulphur.
  6. Seaweeds / Sea Vegetables like nori, kelp, chlorella, wakame, dulse, spirulina etc. Seaweed contains high levels of iodine useful for keeping your metabolism up.
  7. Grass-fed meats. Remember, you are what you eat ate. Farmers feed their cows grains, low fat stuff and soy to make them fat. They become even fatter if restricted from the sun. Unfortunately when they become fatter they aslo become sicker and often then receive shots of antibiotics. Yikes. Quality pork is a good source of energy and nutrition provided it was raised properly. Organ meats like liver, bone marrow, and bone broths are also nutrient dense.
  8. Milk from healthy cows – We go for goats milk and European milk but it is not something I personally have much of.
  9. Pastured, sustainably raised chicken (probably hard to find these days).
  10. Onions, garlic and ginger
  11. Herbs and Spices like turmeric, pepper, sea salt like Fleur De Sal and Celtic sea salt. Others like cayenne, cinnamon, sage, basil, chives, oregano, cumin and corriander.
  12. Quality nuts and seeds but not peanuts as they are a legume.
  13. Quality dark chocolate whilst learning to read the ingredients of all packet food you buy.
  14. Fermented vegetables like kimchi, sauerkraut etc.
  15. Pickled vegetables like my Primed Vegetable Kinilaw. Recipe at the end of the book.
  16. Sweet potatoes but not white potatoes. Best to add grass-fed butter on top. Context is important here so a healthy person getting lots of sun could eat more than a type 2 diabetic who spent the entire day indoors.Other qualiy starches include fresh pumpkin, butternut squash, yam and carrots. White rice is a sterch too but one I personally limit.
  17. Quality European cheese. The French paradox is no longer a paradox when you understand that fermented quality cheese is high in fat / energy and is satiating.
  18. Apple cider vinegar.
  19. Fruits in season provided you are healthy and are also outside experiencing that season in your eyes and on your skin. Avocado is an excellent fruit to be enjoyed when in season in your local.
  20. Seasonal, fresh produce from the farmers. Support small farmers and not big mass production food corporations. Farmers need our support.

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The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Ways to improve your sleep.

20 Tips for improved sleep hygiene / habits

Having a quality sleep is the foundation of youth and optimal health.

Every word in this book is designed to help you sleep well.It is only when we sleep that we replace old or damaged mitochondria (autophagy). You could also say that we only fight disease when sleeping well because disease is the accumulation of damaged mitochondria (cells’ energy factories). Other benefits of autophagy include increasing lifespan, protecting against excessive reactive oxygen species and improved immune system functioning.

Being sleep deprived impairs glucose (bloood sugar) metabolsim. Sleep deprivation also reduces your leptin stores (eat more due to less satiety signalling) and increases your ghrelin which makes you hungrier so you eat more.

It is important to note that a builder cannot repair your house without equipment or raw materials.

This is the reason we want to maximize our energy inputs (sun, grounding, food, thoughts) and minimize energy thieves (fake light, gadgets, food, people etc.) so our bodies have what they need for this critical regeneration and repair period we need daily.

  1. Understanding the critical nature of sleep and its value is very important.
  2. Prioritize your sleep and make plans to ensure you get great restorative and regenerative sleep every night. An example might be to schedule morning and lunch meetings instead of dinner meetings.
  3. Have a set bedtime ideally at around a 9:30pm to 10:30pm window. Our most restorative sleep window is when we get into REM sleep between 11:00pm and 2:00am (approximately).
  4. Have a regular wake up time coinciding with the sun rising.
  5. Have a wind down period before bed without gadgets or too much scensory stimulation. Reading a nice hard cover book is a good way to do this. Or listening to relaxing music.
  6. Have a nice warm / hot bath with epsom salts is a great way to get magnesium into your body through your skin as this helps southe you.
  7. Have less fake lights on and use candles where possible.
  8. Use blue light blocking glasses over your eyes if using a computer, cell phone or in a fake light environment. Also cover your skin from this fake light at night.
  9. Have a gadget curfew at least 1 hour before bed where phones are put away, wi-fi is turned off and TV also turned off.
  10. Ensure all electrical devices in your bedroom are unplugged. We even turn off all electricity to our bedroom via our fuse box. The exception is our air-conditioning which is on a separate fuse.
  11. Ensure your bedroom is totally dark and cold. No electrical devices plugged in and cell phones far away from you.
  12. For optimal energy use directed to regeneration do not eat 3 to 4 hours before bed. This will ensure energy is directed towards regeneration and repair and not digestion. My general rule is to not eat after sun down.
  13. Ensure you saw sunlight as much as possible throughout your day with morning sun the most critical. This sets your circadian sleep cycle and hormonal cascade for the day.
  14. Ensure you move more throughout your day by walking a lot, doing a fun nitric oxide release exercise, using a stand-up desk etc. This helps ensure you will be sleepy and ready to rest and repair.
  15. Use a sleep mask and ear plugs if applicable in your environment.
  16. Try journaling at the end of your day. Maybe meditate or do a calming activity. Review and add to your morning gratitude journal to round out your day.
  17. Use iris or f.lux on your computer screens to limit the fake light emitting which affects your sleep.
  18. Get or give a massage to your loved ones. The release oxytocin helps you feel good and aids relaxation so you can sleep.
  19. Try the 4 – 7 – 8 breathing activity. This is 4 seconds of breathing in through your nose. Holding for 7 seconds and then breathing out through your mouth for 8 seconds. This calms you and gets you ready for a deep sleep. Be conscious to breath only through your nose if possible with a closed mouth whilst sleeping.
  20. Try and avoid exercising 3 hours before bed as this can raise your cortisol. Try CT 2 hours before bed and see how it is for you. You could add epsom salts into this cold bath. Or have a cold shower. Maybe alternate between warm and cold shower. Try a warm epsom salt bath. See what works best for you.

 Sleep is critical fi

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“The most important factor that every human being needs to live and flourish is a breath of air, a drink of water, food and the energy from photosynthesis. Without those elements, we die.” David Suzuki.

“That’s why I have made one last push to get a ball rolling on the initiative to enshrine the right to a healthy environment in our constitution. It’s a big goal, but in discussing the very idea, we have to ask, what do we mean by a healthy environment.
We immediately come to the realization that the most important factor that every human being needs to live and flourish is a breath of air, a drink of water, food and the energy from photosynthesis. Without those elements, we die.

So our healthy future depends on protecting those fundamental needs, which amazingly enough, are cleansed, replenished and created by the web of life itself. So long as we continue to let the economy and political priorities shape the discussion, we will fail in our efforts to find a sustainable future. I have been trying to tell business folk and politicians that, in the battle over the Northern Gateway, what First Nations are trying to tell us is that their opposition is because there are things more important than money.”

David Suzuki: Academic, author and activist David Suzuki.

Enjoy More Time for Life!

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