Acts of Random Kindness rock. My goal is 3 per day. It helps others a lot. It helps me more. A few examples here.

3 acts of random kindness (ARK) is my daily goal. I was hugely rewarded for one I did 4 weeks ago. 

*** I met Post Office worker Susan again today after my ARK to her 4 weeks ago on the streets near St. Kilda beach.

* As I ran to work today I chatted to her and she said my advice has given her more energy and an improved sleep. Yippie. I spent another 5 minutes giving her next level information to help her even more. Susan feels great. I am proud and feel so happy to have helped her. 

#actofrandomkindness #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

When you help others you are actually helping yourself even more. I love it.

I aim to do an Act of Random Kindness daily. Today I met Arman and his daughter at the beach. He now knows why sunglasses 😎 are not so cool. We chatted about the sun, grounding and cold therapy. He understood and happily put his sunnies away. They are a product of great marketing but bad for our overall health as they affect your eye clock and sleep. Coincidentally, I would not have met Arman unless another guy stopped me to say thanks for my act of kindness for him the previous week. Life rocks. #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#actofrandomkindness

I walked my 7km to work barefoot this morning. I always ensure to walk on the sunny side of the street. I included these two cool people in my daily acts of random kindness. Mick is from Italy 🇮🇹 and Marisol from Columbia. We chatted for at least 15 minutes about quantum physics principles (Primed protocols). They understood and appreciated what was discussed. Cool. #actofrandomkindness#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter

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The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – 20 Great podcasts and books from which to learn, grow and enjoy.

20 great podcast to listen to for improved knowledge

My favorite include anything with Dr. Jack Kruse, Dr. Stephenie Seneff and comedy. It is important to relax and laugh so I included some comedy in my list of 20.

  1. Chad Davis / on the podcast with Mike Grogan –
  2. Stephenie Seneff –
  3. Chad Davis / Primed for your Life on The Chief Life podcast –
  4. Jack Kruse on The Chief Life –
  5. Jack Kruse on podcast and youtube –
  6. Jack Kruse on podcast and youtube –
  7. Jack Kruse –
  8. Jack Kruse –
  9. Jack Kruse –
  10. Jack Kruse –
  11. Jack Kruse –
  12. Jack Kruse –
  13. Zach Bush –
  14. Chad Davis / Primed for your Life –
  15. Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr. Joseph Mercola – AS1gQgnUf5A
  16. Joel Gould –
  17. Stasha Gominak –
  18. Comedy podcast from TEAM Effort –
  19. Comedy podcast with Tony Martin –
  20. Podcasts with comedian Stephen Fry –


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The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – Gratitude and positivity rock. 20 Positivity questions for you to answer.

20 Reasons we need an attitude of gratitude and positivity

Gratitude is the Mother of all virtues and a critical component of our overall wellbeing. If you are not grateful for what you have now why would you be grateful with more?

Gratitude is the powerful process of shifting your energy (increased energy once Primed) to bringing more of what you want in your life. Use your positive energy to attract positive outcomes and people.

It is also important to hold value in what is really important such as health and the ones you love as opposed to material things.

“Be grateful for the things you don’t have that you do not want.” Bob Dylan

I am so grateful to have a job I love in Melbourne.

I am grateful for my boss and her family including 3 cool cats (Tiger, Minnie and Panda). So very grateful for my fabulous colleagues like Tony (Moroney), Joyce, Ewa and Etelka (pictured above). I write them into my gratitude journal daily. I also show them my gratitude through my actions.

  1. It makes you feel good. You can feel good by simply being grateful.
  2. It helps give you a sense of abundance. Practice it daily.
  3. You appreciate others more and shift your focus away from just your wellbeing to the wellbeing of others.
  4. It improves your confidence by setting your inner compass towards helping others and not being selfish. This confidence booster helps you feel good about yourself.
  5. Puts your life into perspective. Life is a big lesson from which to learn and improve yourself. There will always be people worse off than you who are happy and grateful. Why is that? Learn their lessons. Read their books. Make positive steps forward daily if you can. My motto is B.E.D. Better Every Day and emphasising the importance of sleep.
  6. When you embrace gratitude and positivity you improve your self-esteem and feel better about yourself. Write down what you are grateful for and express it.
  7. It makes you more patient and open to the good that will come your way. Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot by being too hasty.
  8. Gratitude helps you forgive (no need to forget). Holding resentment eats you up and diminishes your energy. What is done is done. By all means act if aggrieved but do not allow these negative feelings to fester. Take power from your actions without allowing them to over-power you.
  9. Gratitude helps you learn from your mistakes or the mistakes done onto you. These mistakes can be a burden or a lesson. It is up to you.
  10. Helps you to embrace change. Be grateful for your past lessons and blessings as well as your current lessons and blessings. Do not forget your future lessons an blessings. Embrace change.
  11. Gratitude is up to you. You are in control. Do not let other people steal your ability to feel grateful for all that has been good, is good and will be good. Sometimes not getting what we thought we wanted is a blessing because something better eventuated.
  12. Express gratitude freely and often without expecting a return. Tell random people you appreciate their smile. Tell a loved one why you love them.
  13. Gratitude allows you to enjoy life’s small pleasures and treasures. You do not need something big to happen to feel grateful. Be grateful for the sun, the blue sky, your friends, your health, your daily food, the cute dog, your best feature etc.
  14. It is important to express your gratitude. Take note of how the person you express gratitude to responds. Take note of how you feel. Both are important.
  15. Book end your gratitude. This means to wake with gratitude and reflect on all your blessings. I write it down in my gratitude journal whilst getting grounded in the sun each morning. Then, before bed revisit your gratitude journal. Add to it if you wish. The important part is to reflect on the positive people and events so you smile and feel good. Let go of the negative as these emotions deplete you and will affect your sleep.
  16. Remember, it is not happiness that brings us gratitude. It is gratitude that brings us happiness.
  17. Gratitude improves overall health both physically and psychologically.
  18. An attitide of gratitude helps give you peace-of-mind and helps you to become more optimistic and likeable.
  19. Gratitude deepens your relationships and helps you make even more friends.
  20. Gratitude also helps you to become more alert, alive, vibrant and energized. It is a positive feedback loop where the more gratitude you cultivate in your life the more you will find to be grateful for. As mentioned above, your positive attitude and grateful demeanor will attract more good to your life.

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8 simple ways to an awesome 2020.

Your New Year’s Eve resolutions
will be made but can you stick to them? How big is your desire for improvement?

My motto for 2020 is BED. This motto rocks for 2 reasons.

1. Sleep is the key to health. Sleep better and you will live better.

2. BED is an acronym for Better Every Day.

Without good sleep you are more likely to make poor decisions. By being better every day your Primed habits will help you sleep better.

My other motto is Grateful ALWAYS and Positive ALWAYS.


By starting now you can make the rest of your life the best of your life. It is up to you.

You will be healthier and happier this coming year. You will get younger and fitter in mind and body!

Follow these key ingredients to ensure your 2020 is the best ever.

(1) Write out your work, life, fitness etc. goals and ensure they are somewhere prominent;


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Visit Boracay Island in the Philippines: 10 Reasons it Rocks.

We will be in Boracay this January 2020 to rest, recharge and prime ourselves for a great year ahead. We have written our 2020 goals already and have started on the necessary actions already.

Boracay Island is in the Philippines is easily accessible from Melbourne and other Australian cities. There are direct flights from Melbourne to Manila via Cebu Pacific.

Then you just fly to Caticlan airport before hoping on a short boat ride to Boracay.

1. Beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters.

There is “white beach” (the main beach).

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Melbourne marathon run with no food, no shoes, minimal training and no worries.

I recently ran the Melbourne marathon with:

  • No shoes for the last 10km
  • No breakfast beforehand and just 1.5 bananas at the 30km mark
  • No long runs as part of my training (just 10km twice in the 6 months before the race)
  • Not much run training with an average running per week of around 14km ( just running to work sometimes)

My main “training” consisted of the following:

  • Building my vitamin D (is actually a hormone) whenever I could
  • Doing lots of cold thermogenesis all winter and even an hour in 7 degree water at St. Kilda beach
  • Long barefoot walks in the sun
  • Eating lots of eggs, seafood, green vegetables and healthy fats like grass fed butter, coconut oil and olive oil
  • Drinking quality water like San Pellegrino and Evian
  • Prioritising a great sleep with wi-fi always turned off

In 2014 I ran my marathon in 3:28 after a 180km bike 🚲 ride.

In 2015 it was 3:55 after the 180km bike.

In 2019 my 3rd marathon in Melbourne was 4:12 but more satisfying. It was done with no long run training (max of 10km), not much running training (maybe 14km per week), in a fasted state (no breakfast) and no shoes for last 10km.

All marathons done whilst Primed. I recovered easily from all of them. #melbournemarathon #fastedrunning #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #theprimedlife

The longest run I did was 10km along the Yarra River with my great mate Bill Brummitt.

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Enjoy More Time for Life!

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