8 simple ways to an awesome 2020.

Your New Year’s Eve resolutions
will be made but can you stick to them? How big is your desire for improvement?

My motto for 2020 is BED. This motto rocks for 2 reasons.

1. Sleep is the key to health. Sleep better and you will live better.

2. BED is an acronym for Better Every Day.

Without good sleep you are more likely to make poor decisions. By being better every day your Primed habits will help you sleep better.

My other motto is Grateful ALWAYS and Positive ALWAYS.


By starting now you can make the rest of your life the best of your life. It is up to you.

You will be healthier and happier this coming year. You will get younger and fitter in mind and body!

Follow these key ingredients to ensure your 2020 is the best ever.

(1) Write out your work, life, fitness etc. goals and ensure they are somewhere prominent;


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Visit Boracay Island in the Philippines: 10 Reasons it Rocks.

We will be in Boracay this January 2020 to rest, recharge and prime ourselves for a great year ahead. We have written our 2020 goals already and have started on the necessary actions already.

Boracay Island is in the Philippines is easily accessible from Melbourne and other Australian cities. There are direct flights from Melbourne to Manila via Cebu Pacific.

Then you just fly to Caticlan airport before hoping on a short boat ride to Boracay.

1. Beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters.

There is “white beach” (the main beach).

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Melbourne marathon run with no food, no shoes, minimal training and no worries.

I recently ran the Melbourne marathon with:

  • No shoes for the last 10km
  • No breakfast beforehand and just 1.5 bananas at the 30km mark
  • No long runs as part of my training (just 10km twice in the 6 months before the race)
  • Not much run training with an average running per week of around 14km ( just running to work sometimes)

My main “training” consisted of the following:

  • Building my vitamin D (is actually a hormone) whenever I could
  • Doing lots of cold thermogenesis all winter and even an hour in 7 degree water at St. Kilda beach
  • Long barefoot walks in the sun
  • Eating lots of eggs, seafood, green vegetables and healthy fats like grass fed butter, coconut oil and olive oil
  • Drinking quality water like San Pellegrino and Evian
  • Prioritising a great sleep with wi-fi always turned off

In 2014 I ran my marathon in 3:28 after a 180km bike 🚲 ride.

In 2015 it was 3:55 after the 180km bike.

In 2019 my 3rd marathon in Melbourne was 4:12 but more satisfying. It was done with no long run training (max of 10km), not much running training (maybe 14km per week), in a fasted state (no breakfast) and no shoes for last 10km.

All marathons done whilst Primed. I recovered easily from all of them. #melbournemarathon #fastedrunning #onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter #theprimedlife

The longest run I did was 10km along the Yarra River with my great mate Bill Brummitt.

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The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – The final words.

The Final Words

My story:

I have been 40 and unhealthy despite doing all I could to lead a healthy lifestyle.

I am now almost 51 and have never been healtheir or happier. I am so happy that I have learned some valuable lessons that I have imparted here for those wishing to improve their health.



Where there is life there is hope.

If you believe there is no hope then you are probably right.

Have hope. Follow some of the Primed protocols and ideas here to optimize your energy and hopefully you too can enjoy some positive health outcomes. Your loved ones too.


Food for thought?:

Diseases are more wide spread in the big cities and people leading unnatural lives tend to not thrive.

All cause mortality is increased with people who avoid sun light / are vitamin D deficient.

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The Primed Life – Supercharge your energy – Cold thermogenesis rocks.

20 Reasons cold thermogenesis is great for you and how to start

If you are going to improve your energy inflows once Primed wouldn’t it be great to have this improved energy flow faster?

It is definitely beneficial to becoming cold adapted and allowing your body to heat itself. When you practice cold thermogenesis you generate heat. Your shivering (a good thing) increases body heat production so you remain at homeostasis. Your mitochondria actually release infra-red light  (heat) to warm your body.

Cold Thermogenesis (CT) helps balance your hormones, improves your skin, aids fat loss, aids mental well-being, is great for sporting / life performance and recovery, reduces hunger, less inflammation, improves your sleep and is as simple as a cold shower or jumping in the lake.

From CT champ Dr. Jack Kruse: “CT increases your magnetic sense, it makes you thermodynamically better, it make you much better able to sense the magnetic field where you live and it increases the amount of tissue oxygenation and improves your breathing.”

  1. CT improves your sleep which improves your life (sleep = life = sleep). CT improves autophagy during sleep which is where you replace bad mitochondria in the cells.
  2. CT can improve your strength and stamina (I ran a 42 minute 10km race in the hot Manila sun after doing CT on my back, neck and legs. I had also run a combined 80km in the 5 days prior to that race). In addition, my personal best marathon time is 3:28:26 after biking 180 kilometres on a chilly day in Melbourne.
  3. CT increases the dopamine (feel good hormone) levels in your brain the same way sunlight can. Hence, cold climate people are meant to be exposed to the cold and get their dopamine hit this way. Hot climate people are meant to be exposed to the sun’s heat and light and get their dopamine there. Dopamine is critical as it helps your brain function optimally and aids better decision making.
  4. CT speeds wound healing by improving your immune system.
  5. CT helps with quicker recovery from exercise aches and pains.
  6. CT improves thyroid function.
  7. CT can help reverse Type 2 Diabetes due to helping reduce blood sugar levels in your body. CT also helps to cut food cravings which aids in regular intelligent fasting.
  8. CT can reduce chronic pain.
  9. CT improves sexual performance and fertility.
  10. CT leads to activation of your sympathetic nervous system.
  11. CT feels good as it increases blood level of beta-endorphin.
  12. CT increases the powerful anti-oxidant glutathione.
  13. CT electrically stimulates peripheral nerve endings to the brain which could result in an anti-depressive effect.
  14. CT allows you to produce greater energy in your mitochondria due to better protein tunneling due to less distance traveled.
  15. Cold ( and the sun ) are used to improve electrical current in your body. CT also improves your magnetic current in your body.
  16. Cold can turn white fat into brown fat. Your body fat is fuel that can be burned when you expose yourself to cold.
  17. CT is easy to do but please start slowly. By eating high energy food, getting grounding and sun energy and drinking cold water you will have more energy flow and find CT more enjoyable.
  18. CT is as simple as a cold shower or embracing a chilly day with less clothing then you would usually wear. Eventually you can try face dunking into icy water and then putting your feet in the cold water. You can start slowly with how cold you make the water and how long you put parts of your body in the water.
  19. CT is ideal in a cold lake with temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Ocean waters are great as you also get the grounding effect too. Cold water immersion is the best way to CT as it can improve your metabolic rate by up to 350% and dopamine by 250%.
  20. CT is great at any time of the day and even 10 minutes is of benefit.

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Enjoy More Time for Life!

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