Bonnie and Larry love Cold Thermogenesis and the beach. #coldwatercoach

Our Cold Thermogenesis and Positivity group rocks. We are so happy that Larry and Bonnie are part of our “family”.

Larry said :

“Reflecting on 2020, I want to thank you for being instrumental in getting me back into the sea and literally changing my life.”

“Larry and Bonnie rock.

I recently made a couple of dishes for Larry to try as a thank you to him for him getting Bonnie to be our first Cold Water Dog Coach.

*** Larry said:

“From having a water phobia Bonnie now loves the sea and can swim.” “Bonnie has never looked better and is no longer on anti inflammatory meds.”

#coldwatercoach #coldwaterdogcoach

I met him one cold day on the beach and he asked if we could help him roll into the water @stkildabeach in November. 

* We said fuck that! Let’s start tomorrow (which was early September I think).

@paulstef and I wheeled Larry into the water and he joined our awesome cold thermogenesis and positivity group. 

We hugged, we laughed and we lifted each other up all winter. No fear. Not one cold among any of our group. George even carried Larry over his shoulder up the beach to his wheelchair.

Larry started with an inflatable tube but now has an easy to use life jacket.

We rise by lifting others. 

#wechangetheworld “

Bonnie loves the sand and learnt to swim with Lauren, Christian and I.

We all love hanging with Larry and Bonnie. They love us too.

We always have a lot of laughs in the chilly water. The colder the better for us.

Thanks for the drinks Larry.


If interested in gaining more energy and vitality join us.

Just message me at 0434-100-564 or at

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