Best pics for 2020 for Cold Water Coach and friends. #Coldwatercoach

We had a wonderful friendship group evolve organically during the winter of 2020.

Despite the adversity we all thrived and our Cold Thermogenesis and Positivity group remained vibrant and healthy without a single sickness all winter.

Here are my favourite pictures of our winter cold therapy fun.


Taken by a random stranger whilst I was maximising my sun exposure and absorption via the albedo effect.

With cool mother and daughter Zina and Soly.

DJ Jasmine Speers and Zina both bought and enjoyed my book The Primed Life. Chapter 13 is on Cold Thermogenesis.

You can manifest what you want. As I was doing my nitric oxide release exercises one winters day I was thinking that I needed updated pictures to share on another blog about this cool way to bring red blood cells to the surface of your skin. Then a professional photographer walked by and asked if she could take my pictures.

With one of my best buddies Bubblez. I have met so many wonderful dogs on the beach with Toddy, Chad, Tet, GG and Pompei to name just a few.

Sam and I introduced Mary and Lynn to CT in early winter. They took to out like ducks to water. Like Sam, they thrived all winter without a cold and improved mental cognition.

Sam has lost about 4 inches off her waist by incorporating fun Primed lifestyle protocols. CT is but one tool in her tool kit for optimal energy and sleep.

Stef and I met on the beach. He saw me shirtless on a cold day and we struck up a chat and friendship. Stef improved his body and athletic performance by doing less training. That’s Primed.

I love Mimi. She is an amazing lady. Mimi joined our CT and positivity group in cold May and spent 30 minutes neck deep in the 12 degree Celsius water on her first day. Her energy, vibrancy and smile kept growing all winter.

I’ll never forget meeting Brad and fellow Cold Water Coach founder. Brad approached Luay and I on the beach one afternoon with reflective sunnies and a mask. Was a memorable first meeting.

On the beach I met the two Yulia’s. Introduced by Luda. We have a strong Eastern European influence in our CT and Positivity group. Also Lara, Nadia and Zina.

DJ Jasmine Speers rocks. We all love Jossie and her cool dog Moses.

Moses is a real cutie.

This cool, smart, gorgeous and charming dog is called Chad. Great name.

It was fun meeting Chris and Daisy too. I gave Chris a copy of my book as an act of random kindness. I aim to do at least 5 per day.

I only gift my book to a special few people. Luda is one fabulous lady and a great friend.

Stef in the middle of two standard poodles having a ball.

Chasing Toddy is great fun. Also a wonderful way to warm up after a cold dip. Luay and I had such joy chasing Toddy. Toddy loved it too.

Larry said :

“Reflecting on 2020, I want to thank you for being instrumental in getting me back into the sea and literally changing my life.”

I met Mahdi and Bartu on the beach on January 6, 2020. It was also doing an act of random kindness by explaining the poison chemical qualities of sunscreen that you do not want in your blood stream via your skin. I met George on May 5th.

Coincidentally they all now have one of my Melbourne Ironman caps.

St. Kilda aquathlon. Swim then run 🏃‍♂️. Who is keen? Bartu vs. Chad was the first. Looking forward to more for round 2 in 2021.

*** I managed a 45:59 barefooted 10km after our 2 loop swim in rough seas.

Top youth soccer players Zac and Jesse are going Primed. They can run their 10km in 32 minutes and 37 minutes respectively. That’s fast. My best ever was 38 minutes.

We celebrated Christmas morning together with a 7am swim. From left to right is Bartu, Lauren, Christian, Mahdi, Brad, Dee, Zina, Ian, Mimi, Maria and Lara.

Bubblez and Toddy rock.

“Larry rocks. 

I met him one cold day on the beach and he asked if we could help him roll into the water @stkildabeach in November. 

* We said fuck that! Let’s start tomorrow (which was early September I think).

@paulstef and I wheeled Larry into the water and he joined our awesome cold thermogenesis and positivity group. 

We hugged, we laughed and we lifted each other up all winter. No fear. Not one cold among any of our group. George even carried Larry over his shoulder up the beach to his wheelchair.

Larry started with an inflatable tube but now has an easy to use life jacket.

We rise by lifting others. 

#wechangetheworld “

There is nothing better than doing CT with my darlings Lauren and Christian. We often bring the frisbee and play frisbee with Bartu and Mahdi after a run.

Judy rocks. We met in the chilly waters outside the Sea Baths during the winter of 2019. Together with George, Luay and I we were the stalwarts from which our CT and Positivity group grew.

*** Judy gave us all the most beautiful Gratitude Journal. I use mine daily. Thanks Judy.

Moe emerging from the water. I love this pic.

Moe is a very cool member of our group.

With my great friend George.

One beautifully cold morning with Luay, Shiran and Nadia.

Ian is a great guy who turned 70 in 2020.

Jo is a fellow mitochondriac.

We love Stef and Bernadette. They know the best place to exercise is outside.

Carol is a rocking part of our group.

We love having fun and celebrating birthday parties. The first birthday we celebrated was that of Jasmine.

Sam in the water at Port Melbourne beach. Dogs love us. They can sense our positive energy.

Amadu is a great guy. Authentic, grateful, mindful and successful. Health is wealth.

We all love hanging with Larry and Bonnie. They love us too.

Sylvia (to the left of Larry) met us all at our Christmas morning party swim. She has been a fun regular since.

Thanks for the drinks Larry.

We love doing our cold thermogenesis whether it is rain or shine.

We all love Nadia.

Kylie rocks.

Amazing sunset from Port Melbourne.

Alma is a cool Filipina.

One thought on “Best pics for 2020 for Cold Water Coach and friends. #Coldwatercoach”

  1. Wow. Great photos. Was an amazing year! Turned a gloomy, fear-inducing year into one of the most memorable. Remember folks, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” as wisely stated by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    Peace & Love for 2021!

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