Primed Omelette with Sardines, Trout, Pesto, Onion, Garlic and Turmeric.

I sautéed my garlic in butter then added my butter fried onions which I have as a staple in my fridge.

I added this to my sardines in olive oil, hot smoked trout, pesto and some Lingham’s chilli sauce.

My egg mix included 4 free range eggs, sea salt, pepper and lots of turmeric. I then sprinkled seaweed after pouring the egg mix into my heated pan that had lots of butter melted and coating it.

I then added my seafood mix onto half of my omelette.

I enjoyed my omelette in the sun whilst doing my gratitude journal.

I then did my cold thermogenesis at St. Kilda beach.

I love my CT buddies like Sam, Mary and Lynn.

Maria dances in the water.

Luay and Orion.

Ian, Mimi and Judy.

Jasmine and Zina and Soly.


Jo. A fellow mitochondriac.

We all love Dee (on the right) from


Hagi and Bernadette.

Nadia rocks. Pictured on the right.

Moe is cool.

Yulia and Yulia.


Toddy and Bubblez. And Pompei.

I also met a cool puppy called Chad.

Am I worried about cv?

No way will I wear sunglasses or uses sunscreen.

No f…..g chance I will take a poison shit shot.

So happy that most of my friends have bought my book.

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