Great friendship with Bartu and Mahdi started one year ago today with an act of random kindness.

I did one of my many acts of random kindness to Bartu and Mehdi yesterday. Great guys doing Science at Melbourne Uni.

We spent over an hour chatting about quantum physics. They now know to avoid sunscreen and sunglasses and to maximize sensible sun exposure and enjoy European water that has less deuterium than Australian water. Of course we talked about @drjackkruse




Family rocks. So much more than blood. I know this is especially so seeing I was adopted. My Mum and Dad rock / rocked. Our cold thermogenesis and positivity “family” fucking rock. Not pictured who joined us on Christmas morning are Kylie, Marcus, Rino, George, Judy, Richard and Mimi. Others in our cool group include Alma, Carol, Stef, Bernadette, Jasmine, Mardi, Luda, Orion, Keith, Deborah, Jo and others. #coldwatercoach #theprimedlife #stkikdabeach

The best way to start Christmas 🎄 morning was in the water at St. Kilda beach. Frisbee rocks especially with cool friends like Mahdi, Bartu, Christian and Lauren. Friends rock. Life rocks. #coldwatercoach #groundingenergy🌿🌱🌻🌊 #stkildabeach

St. Kilda aquathlon

Swim then run 🏃‍♂️. Who is keen? Bartu vs. Chad was the first. Looking forward to more for round 2. #coldwatercoach @bradnelson1766 @jasmine_speers_music @paulstef @benandjerrystkilda

How many people have I given my Melbourne Ironman cap to?

Just 3 cool people. These 3.

Of my 4 Ironman events Melbourne Ironman 2014 was my best.

Friends try to help friends even if the truth hurts.

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