Primed Seafood and 10 month Vegetable Kinilaw with Boiled Eggs.

I added fresh cucumber and tomatoes to my 10 month old Primed Vegetate Kinilaw.

This dish has been pickling and getting better with age in my fridge since I made the big batch 10 months ago. Included ingredients are onions, garlic, ginger, cucumber, tomatoes, carrots, semi-dried tomatoes, pickled ginger, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil.

I then boiled 6 free range eggs and mixed my seafood of sardines, mussels and oysters together.

I then mixed about 5 table spoons of my Vegetable Kinilaw with my seafood and added the eggs on top. It is delicious and nutritious. And filling.

This dish was eaten in the natural light after my morning 10km run and walk with Lauren.

As part of my regular intelligent fasting I will not eat again until tomorrow.

I will supplement my electrons / energy / nutrients with grounding energy and sun energy.

Want to go Primed?

Want a Cold Water Coach?

Message me at or 0434-100-564.

* Kylie now has normal periods.

* Lost 3 kilos.

*Great sleep.

* Amazing energy.

* Positive outlook.

* Thriving.


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