Hi Chad,

Thanks for introducing your Primed Lifestyle to Wallen and I. Our 3 children are not into it yet as we will introduce it to them gradually. I have decided to start this new lifestyle because of the way you talked about it after Tri-United 1 in March, 2014. You were very convincing, but it was more than that, I saw the overflowing energy in you, and your skin was healthier than before. What convinced me more was the result in SUBIT triathlon where you beat Wallen for the first time in 14 months.

Chad & Wallen2

I started eating the Primed Lifestyle way from April 28, 2014. I did not record everything I ate, but as much as possible there was no grains such as rice, bread or pasta, no sugar, or any processed foods. Maybe I have ‘cheated’ for a total of 1 cup of rice for 17 days period. We just ate lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, lean meat and chicken. Our oil was only coconut or olive, unfortunately though I don’t know what oil they are using in the canteen in the office.

After just 1 week my belly was smaller than before, the fats in my back was lessened, and I can wear some dresses that I haven’t been able to wear for a year now. My jeans size is down to size 27 and my other shorts are too big for me now.

Before I started eating Primed I weighed 144 lbs. May 6, after 8 days into Primed I weighed 134 lbs, and just recently I weighed 129 lbs. I did not do any form of exercise for that period of time, since my body is still adjusting from child birth. My body has recovered and I am planning to do some running after our vacation this week.

I’ll continue the journey Chad since the result is very promising and I feel healthier and have more energy. It is great to eat more quality, natural food.

Thanks again for introducing us to our new Primed Lifestyle.



Before Primed (Left) and after just 1 month (Right)


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