Stewart from Lucerne loves nature and is thriving Primed. Success story part 2 of 2.

Primed is natural. Primed champs like

Stewart and Dee love nature. They rock.

Stewart nature2

They rock big time. They also like rocks.

Stewart nature1

Stewart fi1

Stewart nature3

Stewart nature6

Stewart nature4

Stewart nature5

Stewart nature

Does Primed work?

Stewart from Lucerne Group is rocking his Primed life and it will only get better now. Stewart noticed the following:

(1) Has a better life;

(2) Lost 6 plus pounds;

(3) Has better skin;

(4) Has way better sleep;

(5) Much improved moods;

(6) Improved HDL and reduced Triglycerides;

(7) Is very rarely sick now;

(8) Is less hungry;

(9) No longer craves sweets;

(10) Is saving lots of money by no longer buying supplements;

(11) Loves and craves getting into nature;

(12) Has much improved blood pressure (his doc very impressed);

(13) Is enjoying his Primed lifestyle; &

(14) Is happier. 

P.S. Did I mention about Stewart not taking dodgy cholesterol meds and improving his cholesterol results by 100%. More important that a result on a sheet of paper is how Stewart feels, looks, thinks and acts.

Stewart Trig to HDL cholesterol

Typical results that happen once someone goes Primed and further cholesterol clarity below:

Stewart Trig to HDL

Manny architects cholesterol

Cholesterol is a myth

P.S.S. If you want a copy of this booklet by cardiologist Cris Enriquez M.D. please email me at

  • Want to go Primed and THRIVE?
  • Want to spend your money on holidays and not hospitals?
  • Want to stop taking DRUGS and supplements and buy real food and get real nourishment?
  • Want to stop wasting VALUABLE time over-exercising and do real movement that makes a better impact on your health?

Text me at 0929-421-2148.

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Meet me for a no obligation chat (of course) and I’ll give you a free Primed centrifuged organic VCO.

VCO Bagna Caude sauce5


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