Primed Bianca Gacad is healthier, happier, stronger and smarter. Outlook and peace of mind greatly improved. Siblings Inna and Raha rocking too.

Bianca Gacad ROCKS

Primed Bianca is thriving:
(1) Happier with herself;
(2) Looks amazing;
(3) Fabulous energy;
(4) Sleeps very well;
(5) Improved & toned body;
(6) Better brain that’s positive and thinks more clearly; and
(7) Loves her Primed lifestyle and will continue to be Better Every Day.
Bianca Gacad and Chad
Bianca went Primed with her fabulous Dad Romy, sister Inna and Brother Raha. Mum Nida as well.
Thanks for the cool photographs to my friends (and Primed clients) Romeo and Bianca Gacad.
Bianca Gacad and Romeo

Bianca loves nature and hiking.

Bianca Gacad1
If Bianca’s head is not in the clouds then her feet are on the ground. 🙂
Bianca Gacad grounded
Here is a great picture of her with siblings Inna and Raha.
Bianca Gacad2
Romy and I also swim together at Ateneo pool. I ran / walked my 14km there because I love helping great people.
Romy and Chad

Romy and Bianca eat nutritious food like this:

Romy Gacad open omelette
 Gigi Omelette
Of course yo should limit your eggs if you prefer doctors, hospitals and breakfast packet garbage cereal. Haha.
 My son’s record for eggs is 20. Twice.
> [gaiv>
My record for eggs is 46. My cholesterol rocks.
> [ga> &gtiv>
Analie cholesterol

My Triglyceride to HDL ratio is .3 but I no longer bother with expensive diagnostic tests. I analyze my skin, teeth, nails, mood, mental clarity, sleep, waist size etc. 

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