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Primed Ethan is Primed and Loves it.

Since Ethan became Primed he enjoyed the following:

Ethan host.jpg

  • Improved energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Better mental focus
  • Peace of mind in knowing a long -term, sustainable way to thrive
  • Better skin
  • Loving Primed food
  • Enjoying creating new dishes
  • Less hunger pangs as more satisfied with his food

Quote from Primed Ethan:

“While enjoying some non-Primed snacks, especially when he was abroad, I mainly cooked myself.”

“I cooked lots of Primed food to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle that made studying at Barcelona all the more enjoyable” 

“For me, balance is key, but sunlight, good food, and sleep weigh very heavy on the scale!”

  • Optimal Primed Fitness and Health is A LOT more than simply food.

  • Primed Ethan he knows that food is only 20% of the entire optimal health equation.

Some cool Primed dishes from Ethan in Barcelona

Ethan food1

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