The Top Ten Reasons UFC / MMA Fighters Go Primed and Kick Arse

10. Because Primed helps performance


9. Primed helps recovery which helps performance

UFC Adamson and Gab

MMA Primed talk

8. Primed helps you sleep which helps performance

Fiishmongersdailycatch sleep

MMA Primed talk2

7. Primed helps your brain which helps performance


6. Primed helps your body which helps performance. Inflammation is reduced. That is a BIGGIE.



5. Primed helps your bones which helps performance

Sean Anthony

4. Primed helps your stomach / digestion which helps performance

Brain gut axis

3. Hopefully your numb nut competitor thinks carbo loading is smart which reduces their brain, body and performance


Nutrient vs Carbo Laoded

2 Primed helps you achieve your weight in target without being knackered in the process


1, Primed is the right way for sports, life, your family and LIFE.

To do Healthy


MMA Jenel

How could eating GARBAGE ever be a good idea?

World Title Champ Jenel16

The Final Words

  • Contact me if you wish to go Primed
  • It works and it rocks
  • Cell of 0929-421-2148
  • Email of
  • Skype of primedforyourlife


REMEMBER, nutrition is more than simply food. How Primed works: It is simple.

1. We meet. In person or via skype.

2. We discuss how Primed works, works easily, saves you money and is sustainable for a longer, better life and also helps your family.

3. We negotiate a rate and terms YOU CAN AFFORD and never more. Price is variable and ALWAYS AFFORDABLE. I passionately want to help people live longer.

4. We start. Primed seminar, recipes, menu plan, lifestyle adjustments and other help as needed.

5. Within 2 days life is better.

6. On-going support for months and years ensures you are successful.

My cell is 0929-421-2148. Email is Skype is primedforyourlife.

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