Ancy Palma lost 19 kilos (42 pounds) with no structured exercise. Ancy has more energy and gratitude. All kidney issues DISAPPEARED. Yippie.

From FABULOUS Primed Ancy:

Ancy Palma is cool

Anyway, changes were:

from 84 kilos in november (photo in black flowery blouse) to 65 kilos this August (photo in pink)… I actually lost 19 kilos from nov to march and maintained it since then… I need to lose a bit more though
no more period pains so everybody is happy! Hahaha
i love the sun!
im browner now!
can climb mountains again!!! Without getting too tired easily
– when in syd last april, walked 20 kilometres in one day, without realising it! Didnt get tired at all!!
i love cold weather; can withstand colder temp now…
– i sleep better; in total darkness

From Chad:

Yippie. So cool. Browner skin means more Filipino. Cool. Sunshine is energy and energy is life so browner skin means more energy.

You rock. Cherryl also improved a lot.

Your entire work team is healthier. Cool.

Marj a new woman.

Marj b and a

Cherry Ann in Norway is doing good too.

More From Primed Ancy:

– i got my dog, Gollum, the lhasa apso primed as well! He eats eggs everyday!

– im more energetic now
no more worries re my kidneys since i got primed
got rid of my seafood allergy by the way.. i eat a lot of prawns now
most of all, in every situation, i am always grateful.. when good things happen, i give thanks and when not so good things happen, i give more thanks..

Ancy Palma b and a fi

photo in green top was last october 201
6; photo in maroon top with falls behind was feb 2017…

im also now down to size 32 for the pants! From 38/40!! So i have to buy new pants


From Chad

“Very cool. Looking forward to seeing you all this month. It is a joy helping you and your team.”

Happy helps someone

The Final Words

  • Contact me if you wish to go Primed
  • It works and it rocks
  • Cell of 0929-421-2148
  • Email of
  • Skype of primedforyourlife


REMEMBER, nutrition is more than simply food. How Primed works: It is simple.

1. We meet. In person or via skype.

2. We discuss how Primed works, works easily, saves you money and is sustainable for a longer, better life and also helps your family.
3. We negotiate a rate and terms YOU CAN AFFORD and never more. Price is variable and ALWAYS AFFORDABLE. I passionately want to help people live longer.

4. We start. Primed seminar, recipes, menu plan, lifestyle adjustments and other help as needed.

5. Within 2 days life is better.

6. On-going support for months and years ensures you are successful.

My cell is 0929-421-2148. Email is Skype is primedforyourlife.

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