Recipe of Zudles with Home-made Tomato Sauce and Bagna Caude Sauce

Some of my favorite ingredients are great fats like butter and olive oil. I also love green veg and anchovies and garlic. Here you have a super dish comprising great carbohydrates and even fruit (tomato is a fruit).


Zudles with Tomato & BCSceingredients

  • Home-made tomato sauce recipe here. Please, never a store bought one or if so then check ingredients carefully.
  • Our home-made tomato sauce is simply onion and garlic sauteed in Organic Virgin coconut oil and then with lots of chopped, fresh tomatoes.
  • Use your zudler to zudle your zucchini. Can also just use a knife to cut into thin strips to suit you.
  • Home-made Bagna Caude sauce recipe which is simply butter melted with olive oil and mashed/shaved garlic and anchovies added and mixed together.
  • Zucchini
  • Could also zoodle carrots and / or squash/pumpkin.

Zudles with Roast Chicken3


Zudles with Tomato & BCSce3

  • Simply melt your Bagna caude sauce over low heat in your pan.
  • Add your home-made tomato sauce and stir in together.
  • Add zudles and stir then turn off heat.
  • The zudles cook quickly and you can also cover your pan with a pizza tray once heat turned off so it can “cook” with the retained heat from your pan.

Zudles with Tomato & BCSce1


  • You could add sardines in olive oil (never TOXIC veg oil), steamed eggs and other cool Primed ingredients to this dish.

Sardines Primed14

Steamed Bagna Caude dish steam eggs

Zudles with Tomato & BCSce2

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