Primed Chewy Green Smoothie

This great Primed Chewy Smoothie is in honor of Chewy. He is the cute dog pictured below. Just looking at him makes you smile.

I named it Primed Chewy Smoothie because the only way you can “drink” it is to chew. It is actually delicious with a creamy coconut finish that is made even better knowing how well I am feeding my body and mind. I had my Primed Chewy Green Smoothie before a lunch meeting with a potential Corporate Wellness client because I wanted the nutrition to better fuel my positive energy and thoughts.


Remember that for proper digestion you must chewy your food well.


Chewey Primed Smoothie2

2 saba bananas a lot of green veg (like mustard greens, kangkong, malunggay, spinach etc.)

coconut milk




Chewey Primed Smoothie1

Blend and drink then chewy.

Chewey Primed Smoothiefi

Also delicious by the beach when surfing. Happy, healthy and safe summer holidays to all.

Chewy Smoothie

You might need a spoon to finish it off. So good and so healthy.

Chewy Smoothie Reujen

Reujen loves it.

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