NEH Philippines in Davao are Enjoying Amazingly Health Outcomes (their families too).

It was just 3 months ago that I first met the great staff of NEH Philippines in Davao.

NEH featured image

Since then they have adapted to the Primed lifestyle with some stunning results. Besides over 500 kilos lost from 100 people surveyed thus far (including 2 under-weight staff adding a kilo each) they have reversed asthma, lethargy, hypertension, bad skin, headaches, period pain and a lot more.

Please see their story in pictures here:

NEH July Beauties

NEH July Renee

NEH Crisbel

NEH JulyJane

NEH JulyDovie

NEH July Joel

NEH July Merliza

NEH Karla

NEH JulyRenel & Chen

NEH JulyJoy

NEH JulyJuress & Tom

NEH JulyLoarhnie

NEH JulyJeffery


NEH JulyJoel


NEH Richard

NEH JulyAlbee

The Final Words

How well does your company look after your health?

NEH Jeroen

Chad Primed


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