Primed Valerie is Loving Her Primed Lifestyle

Sometimes you connect with someone straight away and you just know you will be friends forever.

I first met Valerie Gonzalez at Starbucks in Salcedo Village when I was interviewing for an Executive Assistant position for picasso serviced residences. It was friendship at first site as her personality shone through her great smile. We spent a great year together as we opened picasso and then Valerie was also with me when we opened Best Western Premier F1 hotel in the Fort. Valerie has since moved to Qatar but the friendship remains.

Please see some inspirational words from Valerie as she shares some of her Primed journey.

“Hi Chad,

I was just out with a few girl friends and they all noticed positive change after starting the Primed lifestyle. You were right, eating real food does make a big difference.

I showed them your webpage and convinced them that the key is to start improving their eating habits. Two friends are also going Primed! Served them the Primed gourmet pizza for lunch and they absolutely loved it. They both left my house with a tub of “rice” to start the change by dinner time tonight.

Chin Primed Pizza17

Thank you Buddy.

You may not know it, but following the Primed way not only improved my health, it also saved me from depression and other horrible and harmful things I could have done to myself after being dumped.

Next weekend, my friends and I are set to go shopping for ingredients and cooking all day together. I can’t wait!



One More from Valerie:

“Hi Chad,

Glad to update that I have lost 3kg in 3 weeks! I haven’t touched carbs or sugar in weeks. I have cravings sometimes, but have been good in turning away from the bad stuff.

Everyone sees the change and says I look great. What’s better, I feel great.

Thank you!



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