Emily and Carlo Thriving with their Primed Lifestyle in Davao

Where are Emily and Carlo at NOW?
Sick vs healthy
  • Their food and environment is now their medicine. Cool.

11 Reasons to eat healthily

In their own words:

“Hello Chad,
So far as of this week we have decided to cut down on the consumption of the Chatime and the Starbucks. Within next few weeks we should be able to eliminate that soon. I can fit some of my older shorts and pants.
I am trying to spend more time with the kids doing different activities such as reading books, playing nerf gun with my daughter. I am trying to start the exercise that you showed me but I decided to try basketball again so I can get under the sun at the same time. Last Saturday me and ems did about 20 mins of boxing it was quite a workout that we enjoyed.
Ems is doing great she has lost more weight and still has lots of energy and she has also found time to even do some Zumba at night with the kids.”

Emily and Carlo’s Next Step 

1. Find New Fun Family Things To Do:

Read a book, walk, listen to a podcast, play with children, yoga, board games, cooking together  etc.
Lauren Davis Cooking

Teaching your children how to cook sets them up with great skills for life. Boars games stimulate brain activity.

Lauren Davis Chess

2. Gratitude exercises with your family:

Optimal Primed Protocols gratitude
Reinforce positive behaviour of yourselves and children. A little like meditation and saying all that you did well yesterday. What you need to improve on etc.

3. Start Eccentric Gym Exercise:

It is minimum effective dose exercise that rocks. It helps you build muscle which is your bodies fat burning machinery. Ask me for my eccentric gym videos so you ca see the principle (reserved for Primed clients).

Optimal Primed Protocols eccentric gym

4. Stop with the Starbucks sugar overload already:

Haha. Oh, and lets not even discuss pearl sugar garbage tea. Haha. Support real food producers and not garbage disease agent suppliers.


5. There were 5 more critical points besides this one but reserved for Primed clients. Sorry.

If you want to improve your health, and that of your family, then Primed is the future.

Contact me at 0929-421-2148 or chad.davis.1@gmail.com.

I teach you the why, show you the how to and then ensure the do.

Might as well join the thousands of others who are sick of being sick and are now thriving Primed.

Primed reverses

Please listen in every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm on http://www.v81radio.com

Primed v81 radio

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