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Primed Albert is Getting Smarter in Sto. Tomas

Albert is rocking it in Sto. Tomas.

  • Albert has gained 2 kilos
  • He has more energy
  • Improved skin
  • Is more confident
  • Has clearer thinking
  • Writes his reports faster and better
  • Is improving his mind with improved nutrition
  • Was lazy before but no longer
  • Has darker skin and looks better


Albert has the secret to being healthier and happier.

Just like his fellow NEH Philippines staff because they have great bosses who really care about their health and well-being.

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Joanne from Paper Lens is loving her new Primed Lifestyle: “I never felt healthier, happier and content with what I eat.”

I loved representing Apotheca Integrated Pharmacy and presenting at the Hunt & Gather Grandparents’ Day event.


What inspired me to catch the hot MRT from Ortigas to Glorietta instead of relaxing at home with my family? It was my passion to help Filipinos to live better, longer lives.

I KNOW Primed works (thousands worldwide know too) and want to share it with everyone so we can all be healthier and happier. Well, Joanne was working that day so could not really listen intently. However, after recording the show she listened, learned, implemented and improved her life and that of her family. That is why I love my job.


From Joanne Fugoso-Pajarillo:

“When you’re excited to watch what you’ve edited. 🙂

#HuntAndGather #Ch:adDavis #PrimedForYourLife

Reply from Chad: “Thank you for returning the favor and inspiring me even further.

From Joanne Fugoso-Pajarillo:

“Hi Chad! I’m Joanne from Paper Lens. I recorded your talk at Hunt & Gather’s Grandparent’s event at Glorietta. I just want to thank you. One week before the event, I questioned my consumer practices- especially on food.

Since I was also shooting the highlights during your talk, I wasn’t able to listen to you the entire time. But my husband told me that you delivered nothing but real talk. 🙂 And he shared some of your tips.

I was very eager to listen to what you had to say. So right after finishing the exports of all my talks, I watched yours. And I’d like to say that just three days after I ditched rice, bread, pasta and noodles and ate real food, I never felt healthier, happier and content with what I eat.

Immediately (although not visually pa) I felt so much lighterit was easier to move, easier to work, easier to negotiate with my 3 year old daughter. I feel stronger.

I didn’t have my usual back pains and head aches and other body aches.

I thought before that it was natural to feel weaker.

Salamat, Chad. It was really helpful.”

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Great Dad Primed Tata is Rocking It in Sarangani – 30 Pounds Gone and counting…..

“Hi Chad,

In just five months since i started my Primed life, I am losing 13 kilos (since lost more and up to 30 pounds already).
I stopped eating rice in the morning and in dinner.
I also stopped eating breads and slowly avoid soft drinks.
Now I am more active than before… thank you Chad…
Best regards,
Tata from Sarangani Provence used to lug around an excess 13 kilos (28.5 pounds). That’s a lot. That’s heavier than all of these text books of my daughter Lauren.
No wonder Tata is happier.

He has a lot more energy for his children Jana & Ian.

He is a better Dad.

He is living a better, more energetic life. Go Primed and life improves.
#primedforyourlife #teachyourchildren #eatrealfood #PrimedDadBetterDad #TataRocks #nehphilippines #healthycompanyisahappyone

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Rosal is Getting Younger in Sto. Tomas

The champion staff at NEH Philippines have seen some amazing results such as having better sleep, being more vital & vibrant, better skin, regular bowel movements and a lot more energy.

Remember, energy is life.

Picture below is Rosal in July where she looks a little tired and not as vibrant as the picture below it.

NEH Sto. Tomas rock1

Beautiful Rosal is rocking her Primed lifestyle.

  • Rosal has a lot more vitality in her face.
  • Rosal has more energy.
  • Rosal has regular bowel movements (any thing less is a bad sign).
  • Rosal’s skin looks a lot healthier and more vibrant.

Picture below is of Rosal in August where she looks younger and happier.


Here’s What Rosal Did to Get Healthier:

Rosal has become a fat burning beast! 🙂

It makes a big difference to the quality and quantity of your life.

With your food and drinks and environment (and sleep) you are in:

(1) Anti-inflammatory fat burning mode or

(2) Pro-inflammatory fat storing mode. Inflammation leads to disease and advanced aging.

You can easily be healthier by eating real food with real flavor.just like your grandparents did when they lived longer, better quality lives than us now.


Here’s What Rosal Did Less of to Get Healthier:

No longer eating fake food (soy, veg oil, sugar and grains) with fake flavors. Grains are sugar in your body that are poisoned before being harvested.



The Final Word:


Do not have a deathstyle?


Avoiding the sun is probably as bad as eating disease agents like doughnuts.

Primed Spicy Korean, Seaweed, Kimchi, Mixed Veg and Sardine Frittata


Here is one of my favorite creations. So delicious and nutritious.



  • 15 quality eggs
  • Olive oil or Primed organic coconut oil to line your cake tin or muffin trays
  • Kimchi – I buy mine from our local Korean shop
  • Mixed seaweed of kelp and/or and nori sheets
  • Assorted mixed green vegetables (I used zudles and onion and garlic kangkong)
  • A handful of tomatoes
  • Sardines in olive oil
  • Himalayan salt, pepper and turmeric



  • Spread your olive oil (or Organic VCO) on your cake/baking tin/tray or muffin trays



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100 Days No Alcohol Chad is Loving It – I Am Proud of Myself. :)

I have too many people to help live better and longer lives to slow myself down with alcohol. My passion is more important than a glass of wine at night (gave up beer 30 months ago).


Is there anything you love too much and is slowing you down?

Addiction to your cell phone, internet, poisoned before harvested grains (same as sugar), beer, tv, sugar etc. When ready, please share. It is liberating.


Ok, so it has been 60 days since I gave up all alcohol. So far so good.

I am enjoying the added weight loss from not consuming empty carbs/sugar. Averaging 64 kilos compared to 66 upon returning from our Aussie holiday.

More importantly I am feeling better, more alert, happier, my cloths fit better, my guts is smaller etc.

I have saved money and have simply bought better quality water with my saved money. Also spending on great experiences with my family. Like a working holiday visiting Primed clients in Rome.


I will not drink alcohol from July 16th 2016 until September 28th 2018.

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Primed for your Life V81 Radio every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm

I love doing my Primed V81 radio program. It is designed to help Pinoys worldwide to live longer, better lives.

Here’s the link of last Saturday’s show – https://www.facebook.com/v81radio/videos/vb.325554884265972/672311019590355/?type=3

I love it that my great friend Primed Ellen said: “Cool.”

Ellen is a fabulous lady who did a lot to help Filipinos when she was in Manila. Ellen is cool.

Ellen took these pictures of me from our time at Smokey Mountain.

Primed is absolutely dedicated to helping people learn the truth about how they can be healthier and happier.

Please share and support http://www.V81radio.com and my Primed for your Life V81 radio show every Saturday from 5pm till 6pm.

v81-chadPrimed v81 radio

Here are some cool Primed Filipino guests we will have on the show in the future so you can learn from their challenges and success.


Beautiful, talented Mum Primed Jequi.

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Maiko’s Superb Bento Lunch Box Ideas – for Primed Team Romley .

Dane and Maiko are loving their Primed Lifestyle.

Their combined loss of over 30 pounds lost is totally irrelevant compared to energy gained, mental cognition improved, positive outlook enhanced, better immune system functioning, lower blood sugar levels (becoming fat burning beasts) and a lot of other positive health outcomes already. They are now fighting disease through optimal lifestyle habits (including food) and no longer FEEDING it.

Dane and Maiko2


Now Dane and Maiko are Primed they do not eat grains (they are the seeds of grasses poisoned with Round Up before harvesting), sugar, sugar juices, sugarade etc., GMO soy, toxic veg oil (actually from seeds), white potatoes (too much sugar and generally GMO) and no packet carbage where they dump all of the above in because it is cheap.

The Best Lunch Box Real food Ideas here:

Since we’re going @primedforyourlife , @daneromleyart ‘s bento has changed a bit. More substance, no crappy fillers. Sea bass, spinach quiche with onions, garlic and mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, spicy scallops and water spinach (kangkong) packed in our @easylunchboxes #primed 

Dane lunch boxes1

#hangry ? Fill it with eggs! @daneromleyart ‘s bento: steak, big serving of scrambled eggs, cucumber slices and a baked carrot rosette. All packed in our @easylunchboxes .

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Primed Joan’s Super Zoodle Frittata

From my Primed pal Joan Tuaño:
“My Primed Zoodle Frittata super fluffy with coconut milk. Only put a little salt, pepper and used olive oil 😍
From Primed beauty Joan Tuaño: “Chad! Thank YOU for your work and being a shining inspiration to us, especially us yuppies 😉 I am feeling fantastic always energetic as I am making more primed choices!! The challenge now is to help my folks go the same direction!”

I will help Joan’s folks by meeting them personally or through skype. We can never be truly healthy if our loved ones are not.

Read about Primed Joan here: https://primedforyourlife.com/2016/07/06/enderun-colleges-alumni-rocking-the-primed-lifestyle-gabs-lost-7kgs-in-3-weeks/

and here: https://primedforyourlife.com/2016/08/10/primed-success-stories-summarized/

— with Joan Tuaño.

Primed Joan’s Super Zoodle Frittata Recipe


  • olive oil,
  • 3 eggs,
  • 1 large green zucchini,
  • a few glugs of coconut milk,
  • sea salt,
  • fresh black pepper,
  • rocket leaves (to serve)
  • Optional: chili flakes and some cheese
  • Turn your oven on to 180 celsius.
  • Spiralize your zucchini or cut them into really thin strips. I use the Gefu Spirelli Spiral Cutter Spiralizer which is super handy. If you think it’s too much zucchini, it’s probably not as the volume shrinks when cooked!joan-zudler
  • In a bowl whisk the eggs together, pour in the coconut milk until well combined.
  • Add salt and pepper.
  • In a saucepan pour a little olive oil then the zucchini. I used some tongs to just toss them around. Allow the water from the zucchini to evaporate.
  • Pour in the egg mixture and use a fork to just wiggle the eggs around to allow thorough cooking. Top with cheese and chili flakes if using.
  • After a few minutes (I use my gut feeling as a timer) transfer the pan to your oven to cook the top.


When it’s all puffed up and there’s no sign of runny eggs, it’s time to serve! I like serving it on the pan to give it a classy feeling 😉

Serve on top of some rocket leaves (I like to spray with some olive oil and a drizzle of balsamic glaze for extra flavor).

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Emily and Carlo Thriving with their Primed Lifestyle in Davao

Where are Emily and Carlo at NOW?
Sick vs healthy
  • Their food and environment is now their medicine. Cool.

11 Reasons to eat healthily

In their own words:

“Hello Chad,
So far as of this week we have decided to cut down on the consumption of the Chatime and the Starbucks. Within next few weeks we should be able to eliminate that soon. I can fit some of my older shorts and pants.
I am trying to spend more time with the kids doing different activities such as reading books, playing nerf gun with my daughter. I am trying to start the exercise that you showed me but I decided to try basketball again so I can get under the sun at the same time. Last Saturday me and ems did about 20 mins of boxing it was quite a workout that we enjoyed.
Ems is doing great she has lost more weight and still has lots of energy and she has also found time to even do some Zumba at night with the kids.”

Emily and Carlo’s Next Step 

1. Find New Fun Family Things To Do:

Read a book, walk, listen to a podcast, play with children, yoga, board games, cooking together  etc.
Lauren Davis Cooking

Teaching your children how to cook sets them up with great skills for life. Boars games stimulate brain activity.

Lauren Davis Chess

2. Gratitude exercises with your family:

Optimal Primed Protocols gratitude
Reinforce positive behaviour of yourselves and children. A little like meditation and saying all that you did well yesterday. What you need to improve on etc.

3. Start Eccentric Gym Exercise:

It is minimum effective dose exercise that rocks. It helps you build muscle which is your bodies fat burning machinery. Ask me for my eccentric gym videos so you ca see the principle (reserved for Primed clients).

Optimal Primed Protocols eccentric gym

4. Stop with the Starbucks sugar overload already:

Haha. Oh, and lets not even discuss pearl sugar garbage tea. Haha. Support real food producers and not garbage disease agent suppliers.


5. There were 5 more critical points besides this one but reserved for Primed clients. Sorry.

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