Primed for your Life V81 Radio every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm

I love doing my Primed V81 radio program. It is designed to help Pinoys worldwide to live longer, better lives.

Here’s the link of last Saturday’s show –

I love it that my great friend Primed Ellen said: “Cool.”

Ellen is a fabulous lady who did a lot to help Filipinos when she was in Manila. Ellen is cool.

Ellen took these pictures of me from our time at Smokey Mountain.

Primed is absolutely dedicated to helping people learn the truth about how they can be healthier and happier.

Please share and support and my Primed for your Life V81 radio show every Saturday from 5pm till 6pm.

v81-chadPrimed v81 radio

Here are some cool Primed Filipino guests we will have on the show in the future so you can learn from their challenges and success.


Beautiful, talented Mum Primed Jequi.

Judith before and after picture

Super Mum/Dancer Primed Judith.

Sean Anthony

Great guy and talented sporting champion Primed Sean Anthony.

Tess Tricia

Great chef with the winningest smile Primed Tricia.

Ultra marathon running superman Primed Andy Pope.

Normandy before and after

Mr. Cool and handsome Primed Brother Normandy.


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